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Kemi Olunloyo Pays Tribute To Brother Calls On Igbo Youth

Kemi Olunloyo Pays Tribute To Brother Calls on Igbo Youth who called her a harlot. The investigative journalist recently lost her brother and is in sober mode. She also called on Igbo youth who called her names. See Details.

According to Kemi Olunloyo, she will be in seclusion for 40 days in order to mourn her brother’s death. The journalist took to her social handle to react to the death. Furthermore, she also thanked her fans for standing with her during the trying times.

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Akintayo Olunloyo is the eldest son of former governor of Oyo State in 1983. During the Shehu Shagari presidency he was caught up in mob. Akintayo was injured during the riot of “Ali Must Go”. Students of Lagos State University hit him with stones. That lead to him having brain issues. Doctors saved his life. But suffered for 33 years before his dead. He is a younger brother to Kemi Olunloyo. See her tribute to him.

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Checkout Kemi Olunloyo Tribute To Her Brother Victor Akintayo

“My Quadraplegic brother, sitting next to me when I was dehumanized on Ikorodu road on 13th of April 28th 1978. And his brain smashed with a rock by Unilag students. This was during the #Alimustgo riots has DIED.”

“Tayo it happpened on the 28th day of the month and you left me 28th September 2021. They took your livelihood but never your spirit. 43 years of pain. You are now free. Tomorrow is Nigeria at 61. May we not be a victim of Nigeria again Amen.”

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So sad about the incident that happened in the past and the sudden death of Tayo. He was said to be 51 years old. The Akintayo Olunloyo was born on the 1st of April 1979 and died on the 28th of September 2021. We pray that the family will have the fortitude to bear the lost.

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Kemi Olunloyo Calls on Igbo Youth That Called Her A Harlot

IPOB Members

Investigative journalist, Kemi Olunloyo Calls on Igbo Youth who called her a harlot. This was coming after Kemi Olunloyo alleged that IPOB killed Dr Akunliyi. Immediately she attributed the killings to IPOB, an igbo commentator bust into a rant with her.

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The Igbo Youth subsequently accused Kemi Olunloyo of being an old prostitute and harlot. The youth further stated that he wonders why she likes calling the indigenous People of Biafra(IPOB)

Miss Olunloyo on the other hand, has called on the commentator to retract his statement. She corrected him by saying that she was just doing her job. In addition to that, Miss Olunloyo stated that she is a journalist not a HARLOT.

Furthermore, Kemi Olunloyo warned commentators to deceased from the culture of calling strong women they feel inferior to as Ashawo, harlot etc. She said it must be stopped.

Kemi Olunloyo further explained that, while she was in Port Harcourt prison she met with several Igbo women. According to Kemi Olunloyo, they were impregnated by one male to breed and harvest babies. Lastly, Kemi said if the commentator was made in a baby factory, he should separate himself from the society not call me demeaning names.

In conclusion people should talk constructively. In an atmosphere that is conducive. We should guard what we say as it might affect someone negatively or even cause life damages.

Lately,M people have become subject of ridicule or violence due to social media. This has lead to some becoming depressed and committing suicide. What we post matters a lot to someone else life. It can affect the person either positively or negatively.

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