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Biography of Fatima Usman Kinal and More

Fatima Usman Kinal

Biography of Fatima Usman Kinal and More .Fatima Usman Kinal, a rising star in the Kannywood industry. Fatima Usman Kinal is an embodiment of talents.

Fatima Kinal is amongst the youngest in Kannywood film industry. Fatima celebrated her 21st birthday on the 8th 2020. The beautiful youngsters is among the most celebrated upcoming actors in Kannywood.

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Where Was Fatima Kinal Born

Fatima Usman Kinal was born on the 8th of August 1999. Fatima Kinal is from Kano State,Northeastern Nigeria. The beautiful actress did her Primary and Secondary education all in Kano State before Joining the Kannywood industry.

Fatima Usman Kinal in search of knowledge, decided to enrolled at the College of Health Science, in the Kano State.

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How Fatimah Usman Kinal Became Successful

Well success comes with a lot demands from actors. But it needs discipline and dedications to one’s career, in order to make a lasting impact their careers.

Many actors had in the past been carried away by the short sweetness of fame they enjoyed. This has made them to loose focus in their careers. Slowly, they are dragged down the drain. Fatimah Usman Kinal is one actress that has shown these traits of commitment and perseverance. This has made her to become more successful and become popular.

Fatimah Usman still young. But has these leadership qualities which differentiate them from others. The actress has always condole herself in a very respectful manner.

Fatima Usman Kinal is opened to learning new things. Remember, we all know that learning is a continues process. It guides us on our careers. It also helps us to improve on our skills and knowledge of any a subject matter.

Fatima Usman Kinal has exhibited these characteristics of being a learner. As can be attributed to how she is opened to learning from her producers, directors, other superior actors and icons at the Kannywood industry.

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Acting Career

Fatima Usman Kinal joined the Kannywood industry in 2018. Fatima Usman was relatively not known until she got featured in the film Matan Mutum. In the film, she starred a alongside Sadiq Sani Sadiq as his wife. Fatima also featured alongside actors like Rahama Sadau and Ali Nuhu.

The film Matam Mutum, discusses about the typical married life. It also explains the problems couples are facing in raising a decent family. Fatima did her best to make the film more entertaining. That made her to become famous and also a household name amongst the Hausa speaking people of Nigeria.

Checkout More Films Acted By Fatima Kinal

Apart from Matam Mutum, Fatima Usman has featured in more than a dozen films. Among these films are Ciwon Idanuna, Fati, So Da So and recently the blockbuster film Bana Bakwai.

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The film is being shown in most Cinemas across the Northern part of Nigeria . Bana Bakwai is a must watch as it featured so many known actors.

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Latest Pictures of Fatima Kinal

We selected some latest pictures of beautiful actress Fatima Kinal below

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More Pictures Below

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