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Kannywood Actress Lubabatu Madaki

Lubabatu Madaki

Kannywood Actress Lubabatu Madaki. The actress has contributed immensely in the Northern Nigeria Hausa entertaiment industry. Most especially, in the area of acting as a mother. She had been versatile and is open to any role. Follow us as we give you an insight into her biography and lifestyle.

Who is Lubabatu Madaki

The beautiful actess was born at Anguwar Kofan Mata in Kano State of Nigeria. Furthermore, she did her Primary and Islamic education all in Shahuci. Miss Libabatu was later married off at the teenage of 29 years old. But was allowed to stay back home until she as 12 years old. The marriage was was short-lived and for divorced. This was because the marriage only lasted for 19 months.

The vibrant actress and comedian had attributed marriages failure to her inexperience and young age. As she was married off right before puberty age and never understood the concept of marriage. According to Lubabatu Madaki she is presently, 48 years old as she was born 18th of October 1973.

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Nevertheless after the failure of her first marriage, Lubabatu decided to give marriage a second thought. She got married a second time. This marriage was fruitful as it produced two beautiful children. A boy and a girl. Infact, she is presently a grandmother and has three grandchildren. Her second marriage also failed. After staying idly at home, she decided to pursue her acting career and joined the Kannywood industry. The actress confirmed that she had married thrice.

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Acting Career of Lubabatu Madaki

Beautiful energetic and actress Lubabatu Madaki joined the Kannywood entertaiment industry in 1995. This add up to closed to 27 year ago. The actress is indeed amongst the early pioneers of the Hausa entertaiment film industry.

The film that brought her to prominence was titled “Mai Rabo”. Her second film was called “,Dan Almajiri”. Since then she rosed to stardom and became a household name. Other works of Lubabatu Madaki include Gimbiya Fatima. Lubabatu Madaki is presently starring in the Arewa24 TV sitcom called DadinKowa. One of the most prominent series sitcom in Northern Nigeria. This is because it portrays the culture of the Hausa race.

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Lubabatu Madaki Discusses About Her Successes and Losses

Indeed, success comes with determination and hardwork. The veteran actress mentioned in her recent Interview with BBC Hausa that all her wealth and successes came through her acting career. Although, Lubabatu also explained that behind the success, there were losses. The road had been rough confirmed the actress. But due to consistency, hardwork and determination, she was able to remained relevant for closed to 3 decades.

Likes and Dislikes of Lubabatu Madaki

Miss Lubabatu had also confirmed to BBC Hausa that she likes people that love and adore her. This is because she will equally give back to them what they showered her. Her most pronounced dislike is on people who disrespect others. The actress explained that she is someone that respect people and their opinions. And wouldn’t want to interact with a person that shows her disrespect of any form.

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Most Embarrassing Moment

Miss Madaki’s most embarrassing moment was when the Boko Haram Terrorism was at its peak. A fan rushed her and they all fell on the ground. People gathered and it almost caused a commotion. The actress had gathered her courage and told the crowd to exercise patient.

Hence she told the fan to be cautious whenever she meets her idol. That she explained was to the security challenges. As it might get her into trouble if she rushed in someone in the future. According to the actress, Thugs were already warming up to cause trouble. It took her timely response and explanation, to bring them to order and to also protect the fan from any harm.

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The female fan was later on apologetic and explained that she was Lubabatu Madqaki’s strong fan. Though, Madaki’s superfan also promised to be cautious next time when approaching celebrities she considered to be her idol.

Lastly, Lubabatu Madaki had proven to be a star for ages. Hopefully, she would remain relevant in the Hausa entertaiment film industry for a very long time to come. Which film did you first know the Lubabatu Madaki with?Do you like and admire her acting skills?Join our conversation today by commenting below. Don’t forget to like and share the article to increase our views.

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