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Kannywood Actor Mallam Na Ta’ala Biography and Acting Career

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Kannywood Actor Mallam Na Ta’ala, biography and acting career. The actor has brought smiles, to the faces of thousands of Nigerians through his acting. The actor presently acts in the Arewa 24 series sitcom called Dadinkowa. Follow us as we unveiled some unknown facts about him.

Biography of Actor Mallam Na Ta’ala

Mallam Na Ta’ala is presently in his late fifties. His real name is Alhaji Mato Yakubu. The actor was born and brought up in Yobe State. Mallam Na Ta’ala is Hausa by tribe. He didn’t attend formal education. Instead attended the informal setup of Quranic Schools (Karatun Allo).

Educational Background

Mallam Na Ta’aLa attended an Islamic school in Jimeta, Adamawa. The actor explained that he went through a lot trying to fend for himself. Mallam Na Ta’ala added by saying that he usually does menial jobs to survive while at the Qurai School.


Mallam Na Ta’ala was once into Politics. According to The actor he became an actor through his mentor Senator Mamman Ali. He explained that he used to be an errand boy to the Senator. The actor usually washes the senator’s cloths and strengthened them. He also goes for errands for the politician.

Due his good conduct, the politician decided to take him along when he vibed for the office of the Governor of Yobe State. Through the senator, he also tasted politics.

Acting Career of Mallam Na Ta’aLa

Mallam Na Ta’ala was naturally gifted from childhood. While growing up, he wanted to become an actor. But Mallam Na Ta’ala had to complete his Quranic School. His encounter into politics also hindered his acting ambition.

After leaving politics, he decided to venture into acting. But he was a local champion. Mallam Na Ta’ala usually acts in small comedy setups. Usually in Primary Schools, were people come to watch him.

One faithful day, during the Late Sani Abatcha regime, late actor Ibro came to Yobe State to stage a drama. Many groups attended the show. But the late actor and comedian spotted him.

Late actor Ibro asked him on why he was still acting locally. Mallam Na Ta’ala told him that he lacked exposure. The actor then told him to come to Wudil with him in Kano State. Late Ibro signed him under his label.

Mallam Na Ta’ala grow up to be a very celebrated actor. He even wrote many dramas for the actor before he died.

Mallam Na Ta’aLa Journey to Arewa24

Mallam Na Ta’aLa became a star actor in Dadinkowa, after he was selected in the auditioning of the series sitcom. He became victorious in the midst of many actors in the Dadinkowa sitcom. Since then the actor had created his niche in the comedy and acting.

Character in Dadinkowa Sitcom

Mallam Na Ta’ala plays a very interesting character of an Islamic clerics. They are called traditional clerics for their involvement with fetish activities.

These groups of Islamic clerics usually pray to their customers in return for a token of money or food. They don’t work but depend on the prayers as a source of income.

Mallam Na Ta’ala in the film also engaged his students to beg for food and to do menial jobs for survival. The students also pay him a certain amount as a return.

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