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Inspirational message of Ali Nuhu to fans, Biography Career and Marriage

Inspirational message of Ali Nuhu to fans, Biography Career and Marriage. Kannywood actor Ali Nuhu sends some inspirational message to fans. The actor seems to have recovered from his father’s death as he took to his to Twitter handle to give some peace of advice to fans

Inspirational Quote By Ali Nuhu

Ali Nuhu inspirational message goes like this. He enlightened his fans by saying that the “world must keep moving even in the midst of troubles“. He also said that “even though you are troubled or facing problems,the world would keep moving. He further explained that “nobody will stop their daily activities just because you are in trouble

Who Is Kannywood Actress Halima Atete

Indeed he has spoken the truth,everyday people die but the world keeps on moving. Life is about ups and downs and that’s the beauty of life itself.

Reason Why The Struggle of Life is What Makes it Beautiful

The world wouldn’t be sweet if there are no struggles,no trials or up and down. Problems are part of life. Even the rich also cry. The beauty of life lies in all the life struggles.


So no matter what kind of obstacles you encountered, just keep moving and continue to strive harder because you are not alone. Hoped that you have learnt a lessons about the intrigues of life. See tweets below.

Brief Biography of Ali Nuhu

Kanyywood actor Ali Nuhu was born on the 15th of March 1974 in Borno State, Northeastern. Mr Nuhu is Waja by Tribe. A tribe in the Southern part of Gombe State that shares border with Adamawa. Ali Nuhu and family later relocated to Kano State. His father is from Gombe State. Ali Nuhu’s father’s name is Nuhu Poloma. He was a Muslim who later converted to Christianity. He is late and of blessed memory.

Who is Kannywood Actor Ahmad Ali Nuhu

Ali Nuhu’s Marriage

Ali Nuhu got married in 2013. The name of Ali Nuhu’s wife is Maimuna Garba Ja Abdulkadir. The sweet couple are blessed with two children. The names of Ali Nuhu’s children are Fatimah Ali Nuhu and Ahmad Nuhu.

They are both in their teenage age. Meanwhile, Fatimah Nuhu is aspiring to become a fashion designer. She has also completed her secondary education. While Ahmad Nuhu is a footballer in the making. But still pursuing his secondary education and at the same time his football career.

Who is Kannywood Actor Ahmad Ali Nuhu

Acting Career of Ali Nuhu

Ali Nuhu joined the Kannywood industry in the year 1999. Ali Nuhu is an actor, but also a film director and producer. He is poopularly called “Sarki”. Due to his undying talent, relevance and innovation. Another reason why he is called Sarki(King) is because he has brought alot of developmental projects to film production. Ali is a rare gem and now one of the key people in the Kannywood industry.

Furthermore, Ali Nuhu can be said to be amongst the forefront actors who brought technology into Kannywood filming. His mission was to rejuvenate the Kannywood industry into a word class one. Part of Ali Nuhu’s innovation added glamour into film production in Kannywood. This was by introducing new actors,new film production equipments,editors, directors and production mangers. Ali Nuhu indeed worked tirelessly, into the introduction of modern equipment at the Kannywood industry.

Who is Kannywood Actor Ahmad Ali Nuhu

Awards And Nominations

Ali Nuhu is one of the most awarded, decorated and celebrated actor in Kannywood film industry. Amongst his awards include City People Awards for the Kannywood Personality of the Year.

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