Kande Gao State Reason For Learning Hausa Language

Kande Gao State Reason For Learning Hausa Language. Kande Gao is Chinese born woman who decided to learn a foreign language at the Chinese prestigious University in Beijing. Before then, she has never been to Nigeria.

How Kande Gao Learnt Hausa language

Learning to pronounced words perfectly and correctly takes time. Kande was bent on actualizing her dream. Year after year she was studying hard. Surprisingly, she has never been to Nigeria. Talk less of visiting the Northern part of Nigeria, where Hausa language is prominent.

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Furthermore, the Chinese broadcaster with CRI Hausa Faction, turned lecturer took her time to patiently know the basis of Hausa language. She started from the scratch. From the Alphabets, the vowels and up to the wordings. One after the other she took her time to learn the pronunciation of each word.

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In addition to that, miss Gao was able to master the art of Hausa language even before she came the soil of Nigeria. She has collections of different Hausa attires credited to her wardrobe. Most importantly, Kande dresses perfectly in these attires and walks gorgeously. Kande can be best description as the Epitome of African Beau

Kande Gao

She once visited the Chinese cultural and heritage home with her friends dressed in Hausa attire and they all looked beautiful. Infact many Chinese nationals appreciated her dressing code and commended for looking beautiful in her dress.

Why I Learnt Hausa Language

Kande Gao says the passion for African culture gingered her to learn Hausa language. Many people find it difficult to learn a new language. But due to the strong feeling and love she was able master the foreign African language.

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Moreover, Kande usually makes videos in Hausa language. In one of her videos shot in Hausa, she shed lights on why she learned the language. Kanda explaines that she has passion to learn African history.and heritage.

According to Kande Gao, Hausa language is one of the widely spoken languages in West Africa. With more than 6 countries adopting the language, she felt it is the best option for her. This was because she will have the opportunity of capturing more than 6 cultures of these African countries. Learning Hausa language has opened her eyes to the magnifcent history and culture of the African people says Gao.

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Kande Visit To Nigeria

Kande Gao was curious to come to the Northern part of Nigeria to see and physically experience the culture of the language she learnt. She set to travel to Nigeria. On arrival to Nigeria, Kande visited Kano State which is the largest Hausa speaking state in Nigeria. It has a population of more than 10 millions .

The Chinese woman was overwhelmed by the reception and love that accorded her. To her it was a life experience she will never forget.

When Landed Gao landed in Kano, the lecturers and inhibitants of Kano gathered on the streets of the metropolis to welcome her. They were also curious to have a glimpse of the Chinese woman that speaks their language fluently. She had the welcome of a queen.

Gao Runs A Personal Page Where She Teaches Hausa language

Above that, Gao now runs a Facebook page where she teach Hausa language to thousands of her fans. In fact she can teach, speak, write and interact perfectly in Hausa language. Miss Gao also gives her day to day updates to her fans in Hausa.

More Chinese Are Learning Hausa language

More Chinese are learning Hausa language. Kande Gao is one of the Ambassadors of Hausa language in China. Being a lecturer teaching the art of the language, she has motivated many Chinese to also give Hausa language a trial. These students have taken to Hausa culture. They mostly wear the native attires of Hausa like the Caftan. Checkout. Their beautiful picture below.

Kande Gao and Students

In conclusion, Gao will go in history as one of the forefront Ambassadors of Hausa language in China. More Chinese are taking after her. The likes of Tasallah and many more Chinese are becoming more popular for speaking Hausa language.

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