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Infidelity:What Happened To Lady That Slept With Sister’s Husband

Infidelity: What Happened To a lady that Slept With Sister’s Husband. I really felt bad,touched and always have regrets anytime I remembered how my sister had an affair with my husband. More details below.

Human Beings Are is Unpredictable

Although the pains of deception, mistrust and betrayal were too much a burden for me to carry, the realisation that human beings are unpredictable always comes to my mind. I had felt pains in the past but it cannot be compared to what my junior sister did to me. Infact, I feel she had been mentally affected by my the curses which i reigned on her on the day of my departure from the home I loved. The very home cherished and called mine.

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The Story of My Sisters Betrayal

My headache started when I invited my fifteen year old sister to come over and live with with my family. Never did I Know I was opening the gate of betrayal into my family. I had invite my sister Zena because my parents were poor.

In addition to that, my parents were also fending for my seven junior brothers.Catering for such number of children was not a small burden for them. My father was a farmer cultivating on a very small land while mother was a petty trader at our central market. Things were not really rosy so I have to bring my sister Zena to stay with me.

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My Sister Zena Distinct Qualities

Zena was a very innocent and contagious beauty. She also has an ebony colour skin and was also intelligent. I really wanted her to acquire university education in order to assist on contributing to the upkeep of our junior brothers.Furthermore, Zena was also loved by my children to the core. She became like a glue to my three children.

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My children loved her to the extend that whenever Zena travels home for the school holidays, they disturbed me so much. Until I asked her to returned back before the expiration of her holidays.

How Zena got Entangled Into A Love Triangle With Me Love triangle is not ideal especially when a family member is involved. The deed was let loose when Zena felt sick and I took her to the hospital for a general medical cheeked up. After an examination and tests run on Zena, I was told she was five months pregnant by the doctor.

I felt disappointed that I fainted. I was later revived by the doctor and we came back home. Well it later turned out that we were entangled in a love triangle with my very own sister

How The Cat Was Let Loose From The Bag

I decided I wanted to know the truth about my sister’s pregnancy. I really wanted the cat to be loosen up out of the bag. I then interrogated Zena and even threatened to kill her if she didn’t tell me about the person who impregnated her.

Suprisingly, to my greatest imaginations she mentioned my husband as the person responsible. I couldn’t believed my ears and felt disappointed by her and dejected by my husband.I waited for Hope my husband to come home. I then engaged him in a heated argument and the cat was let out of the box. Hope my husband confessed to the illicit affair and attributed it to the work of the devil.

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What Happened To Lady After She Slept with Her Sister’s Husband

To cut the story short I Left with my kids but reign curses on her and him. I told her that she would never bear or see the fruit of her children. I think Zena got affected psychologically and believed in my curses. Although she gave birth but will also live for the rest of her life in pains and regrets.

Twenty five years gone and Zena four kids are all grown. But unfortunately, were all born with either a deformity or mental issues. Although Zena was wrong, but I couldn’t forgive myself with the poisonous mouth I spoke that day. Zena was a teenager and a victim of my husband devilish deception.

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I truly wished that I could turned back the clock. But it was too late for me to do so. The damage has been committed. I only wish that Zena’s children will have a better life. Don’t rush to say bad words. Think twice because life has no duplicate.Written by Nana Fatimah Yusuf.

What are your views about the true life story?Did you learn a lesson from it?Share your views by commenting below. Don’t forget to like and share the article.

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