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How to change your Google password and method of retrieving it

How to change your Google password and how to retrieve it. Did you forget your google password? Are you afraid that you have numerous files with your Google account, and didn’t put a unique password and forgot it?

Did you save your Google password using a complicated format? and you missed an alphabet or symbol?. Don’t panic, because you can easily retrieve it or change it.

How Do You Change Your Google Password

How to change your passwords isn’t hard,just a few steps and you are done. But lets see how passwords work.

What Is A Password

Passwords are supposed to be a key to unlocking your Google account . Whenever you choose a password, make sure that you saved it in secured place or memorised off heart. You can also save it on your google accounts on Google password manager.

Most a times, Google asked you to save such passwords with them. Yes its because they want to assist you. Hackers gained access to your passwords in order to dine you into losing a reasonable amount of personal data or money

Google password manager will assist you to save your password. Both simple and complicated. You can simple check your google dashboard on Google password manager and retrieved it.

Further more, Google has warned us, about how millions of accounts holders of Google was hacked by professional hackers online.

These hackers gain reasonable and sensitive information about you and hacked it. Well not to worry, don’t be downcast or afraid of loosing all these vital information. Because when you lost your can retrieved it.

Process of Changing Your Passwords

Don’t panic anymore,Its easy to do it, you can easily change it within few seconds if you follow the instructions below. There are two simple methods. One for changing password while the other for retrieving.

Steps For Changing Your Password

1.Go to your Android dashboard, tablets or iPhone. Open your device setting App setting or directly go to Google and sign in to Google acount.

2.At the top ,tap security, you would have to sign in.

3.Under signing to Google tap password. You would have to sign in again

4. Enter your new password, then tap change password and you are done.

Retrieving your password

Whenever you save a password on using Google App ,you are required to save the password. If click on save password, it automatically save it. All these passwords you save can also be retrieved.

Go to your Google dashboard. Scroll down and go to save passwords. You might be required by a method to authenticate your identification.

The method authentifiction can be to used your phone password or pattern to unlock the passwords. Next after unlocking it, you will see all the different passwords you have saves over a period of time. Choose the one you would want to retrieve and you are done.

You can also directly save it using Google password manager. Go to to googles. Type password manager. It take directly to your saved password. Retrieve and used it.

About Google

Google LLC is an American Multinational technology company that specialised in intenat related Technology services and products .These products include online advertising technologies, a search engine,emails,cloud computing, software and hardware e.t.c.

The Google company was founded 4th September 1998, in California USA. Google uses the information shared by sites and Apps to deliver our services.

In addition in maintaining and improving the services it provides. It also develops new services. It measures effectiveness of advertising protect against fraud, abuse, personalised contents and Ads you see on google and on their partners sites.

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