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How Chadian President Idris Deby Died

Idris Deby

How Chadian President Idris Deny died. The late Chadian President was a man of his people Idris Deby had always stand to defend the intergrity of his people.

Idris Deby has been on the forefront fighting against terrorism and rebels. Late Idris Debt was the only African President to have always fight alongside his troops at the battlefield.

Idris Deby was combatant determined. He was willing to drive away terrorist elements and rebels from the shores of the Lake Chad.

Late Idris Deby had in the past fought Boko Haram. It was in order drive the terrorist from the region. Idris Deby had been a key player in the fight against terrorism.

How Chadian President Idris Died

How Chadian President Idris died was heroic. The late President went to boost the morale of his soldiers. The.Army was fighting a terrorist rebel group called FACT.

The rebel group comprises of Libyan and Chadian rebels. The aims and objectives of the FACT was to have a regime change in Chad. The rebels matched to Chad to overthrow the government. The rebels were about to enter Ndjamena. Before Idris Deby decided to join his Army on the battlefield.

It was a fierce battle. The Chadian Army fought gallantly and was victorious. But Idris Deby had to pay the prize with his life. The FACT Army had so much casualties.

Late Idris Deby had just won a sixth term. Idris was expected to give a victory speech to supporters. But his Campaign Director, Mahamat Zen Bada, said Idris Deby had instead gone to visit soldiers on the frontline.

President Idris Deby, had died of injuries suffered on the frontline, during his visit to soldiers fighting the FACT rebels. The news was made public by the Chadian Army spokesman

In his words he said “the candidate would have like to have been hereto celebrate. But right now”.

” Idris Deby was alongside our valiant defence and security forces. To fight the terrorists and rebels, threatening our territory,” says the Army spokesman.

General Mahamat Idris Deby has now been sworn in as the interim President. He is said to be the former President son. General Muhammad Idris will take care of the affairs of the country.

Idris Deby died as a hero. The Chadian people will write his name in Gold. As the defender of his people. We Pray God in His infinite mercy forgives Late Idris Deby shortcomings. Rest in peace Idris Derby.


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