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Hauwa Garba(Yar Auta) Answers 10 Questions About Her Lifestyle

Hauwa Garba

Hauwa Garba(Yar Auta) Answers 10 Questions About Her Lifestyle. Kannywood actress Hauwa Garba popularly called “Yar Auta opens up about herself in an exclusive Interview she had with BBC Hausa. The beautiful actress naturally lives to play the funny character and she brought a lot smiles to our faces. Miss Garba is actress and  comedian. Follow us to learn about Hauwa Garba’s lifestyle.

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1. When Did You Joined The Kannywood Entertaiment Industry?

Hauwa Garba:

I joined Kannywood industry in 2005. Precisely 15 years back.

2. We heard you had married Many times?

Hauwa Garba:

Yes I was married twice. But presently I am single and still searching. I want to get married again. The life of a woman is more happy when she is married in her own home surrounded by her family.

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3. Have  ever married an actor in the Hausa entertaiment industry or anywhere else in Nigeria?

Hauwa Garba:

Yes I was once married to late Rabiu Musa popularly called “Ibro”. We even had a child but sadly my son died after just 6 months old. It was really sad but what can someone say to the will of the Almighty. He gave it and had taken it.

4. There are rumours that Late Rabiu Musa was a man that  marries and divorces?

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Hauwa Garba:

Yes he had married many women and had also divorced alot. But marriage is destiny and from the heavens. Furthermore, it also have a life span. So when the time to be seperated comes, no one can change it. I know you might not share the same ideologies with me. But that is my viewpoint and perception. We got seperated because it was time to go out separate ways.

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5. Do you Think Rabiu Musa  was a good?

Yes indeed. Lated Rabiu Musa was a good husband. Infact, he takes care of his responsibilities and family obligations. We the wives are being fed and cloth well. His divorcing of women is his destiny and personal views.M

6. Did you ever Acted With Your Late Husband Rabiu Musa?

Hauwa Garba:

It never happened and I make sure that it never took place. Although I have acted alongside some of his crew members and also many comedy actors but it never happened with late Rabiu Musa.

7. Why Do you like acting funny Dramas?

Hauwa Garba

I can attribute it to my nature to be funny. I am a person who  loves comedies. So I decided that to act both dramas and comedies.

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8. Who Does Your make-up for you?

Hauwa Garba:

Well I wanted to be different. The concept just came about one certain day. I decided to create my trade mark and my fans love it. I naturally do my makeup by myself. Since I am the originator of the concept, I believe can do it better.

9. Which films brought you to lime light

Hauwa Garba:

I will Sakarkaru and later Bits Zai aZai. I have featured in many films but these two were the ones that have me recognition before my present film in the series Sitcom “Gidan Badamasi.

10. How Did you came about the name Yar Auta?

Hauwa Garba:

Actually the name Yar Auta was a childhood nickname given to me by my grandmother. And since then it became my trademark as everyone that knows me calls it with it. I later adopted it as my stage name

Biography of Hauwa Garba

Kannywood actress Hauwa Garba is actually from Kano State. She was born in Bauchi Local government area.Butnher parents are from Katsina State. Hauwa’s mother on the other hand is from Kano State. The actress attended her Primary education in Gwamai Primary School in Kano State. She later had to set aside her secondary education and got married.

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About Hauwa Garba’s Numerous Marriages

The beautiful actress wasn’t successful with marriage. She had many numerous marriages. After leaving school to get married, the all Hauwa Garba’s marriages were short-lived. It crashed after she gave birth to her first child. She remarried twice.

Lastly, Hauwa Garba is presently in the series Sitcom Gidan Badamasi. She accords for large fan base. The character she plays is unique and Hauwa Garba does it perfectly.

What are your views about Hauwa Garba?Which of her film did you first know her with?, Share your views by commenting below. Don’t forget to like and follow us on our social media handles.

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