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Hauwa Ayawa Azeema Answers 12 Questions About Her Lifestyle

Hauwa Ayawa Azeema

Hauwa Ayawa Azeema Answers 12 Question About Her Lifestyle. Kannywood actress Hauwa Ayawa, popularly called Azeemat is a very talented actress. Hauwa Ayawa came into prominence after she got featured in the Arewa 24 sitcom “Gidan Bandamasi”.

Gidan Badamasi is among the few sitcoms comedy that is being aired in Hausa language. In the film, Hauwa starred as the beloved daughter and last born of her rich miser father. Follow me as we showcases her lifestyles below.

1.How long to you to do.your makeup

2. Hauwa Ayawa: I don’t really take much time. Just a few minutes and I am done. As you can see I didn’t even had a makeup before I came. I just like the light makeover.

2.How old are you?

Hauwa Ayawa: Well since you insist I will let you know. I am 24 years old, that means I was born in 1994 precisely.

3.What Is your Qualifications?

Hauwa Ayawa:I am a Secondary School certificate holder. I am now pursuing a diploma certificate in Computer Science. Since I finished my secondary education, I didn’t proceed to any tertiary institution. But I have the intention of furthering my education in the future. I really want to acquire a very sound education.

4.What course do you intend to study?

Hauwa Ayawa: I would love to gain admission into medicine. I am a very passionate person. I really like touching the lives of people in different ways. So I would like to study medicine.

5.Why did you then take acting as a career?

Hauwa Ayawa:

This is because acting was my first love. I grew up to love acting because my mother was once a producer. She used to produced Hausa films in the past. I developed the passion for acting through my mother and my love for the profession.

6.Please can you tell us your mother’s name?

Hauwa Ayawa: My mother’s name is Hajiya Balaraba. She used to own Billara film production company.

7.You said you loved to assist people, do you have an NGO?

Hauwa Ayawa: Yes i presently have my own NGO. We are involved in assisting the less privileged ones. We visit and offer assistance to sick people at the hospitals, orphanages. We also visit prisons and provide for inmates.

8. Have you ever fought in your life?

Hauwa Ayawa: Yes while at the Islamiya School. What really happened was that a certain girl was stubborn and responding rudely to our teacher. I went over to her and told her to keep quit but she refused. I then told her she was stubborn. Before I knew it, she has engaged me in a fight. Well I defeated at the end and taught her a very bitter lesson.

9. Did you ever hurt yourself while playing roughly in school?

Hauwa Ayawa: Yes I did. It happened one certain day. I went to school like any other day. We used to play roughly in school. You know children loved that. There was these steps in School that we used to role over it and come down. It’s about 30 steps. On that faithful day, I rolled over it, but wasn’t lucky.

I got myself wounded. It was a deep wound and I was down for a very long time. I truly can’t forget that. Since then I stopped engaging in rough play in School.

10.Do you have a boyfriend?

Hauwa Ayawa Azeema: Yes I have a boyfriend but only one.

11. Which Male superstar do you admire to work with?

Hauwa Ayawa: I don’t mind any actor. As long as he is good, I am alright with it. All I do is to make sure I give him a run for his money. I would fashion my skills into action to produce the best results for myself.

12.What is the best gift you ever got from a fan?

Hauwa Ayawa: There was this Particular gifts I got from a fan. What really happened was that we went to shoot film in their house. The boy came over and hugged me, when he heard I was the Azeema from badamasi.

The little boy was so happy. He went inside his mother’s room and brought perfumes of different varieties. I collected it and returned it to his mother. Hauwa Ayawa said, she refused to collect it back. Well I was really impressed by te love that even a small child will shower me. And even admired my acting skills. It made me felt loved.

13.What is your best dish?

Hauwa Ayawa: I like rice and beans, garnished with dry fish. It’s my best food. I love to eat it every day.


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