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Has Boko Haram Benn boxed into Cul-de-sac? Something is happening in the north east. The counter insurgency and counter terrorism operations which the Nigerian military is prosecuting in that region is gathering steam.

The Steam of Fight is Becoming So Hot For The Terrorist

The steam is obviously becoming too hot for the adversary. In what appears to be an anticlimax in their bloody campaign, Boko Haram/ISWAP terrorists have been boxed into a cul-de-sac. That was courtesy of the unrelenting offensive operations of the Nigerian troops.

Infact, there is a predictable fate that offers the notoriously vicious terror group only one option. That is waving off the olive branch!. And olive branch they have been frantically waving of late, the bloodied terrorists.

How Scores Of Boko Haram and ISWAP Terrorists Are Being Neutralised

Almost on daily basis in the past one month, scores after scores of Boko Haram/ISWAP fighters have been surrendering to troops in the theatre.

According to Chime Omeja, about 300 Commanders and foot-soldiers of the group along with their families have so far laid down their arms.

What Will Happen To Surrendered Boko Haram Fighters

In addition to that, he continued by saying they also denounced violence and renounced membership of the evil organisation. This was the result of the aggressive deployment of intelligence.

Furthermore kinetic and no-kinetic onslaught has also been employed by the Nigerian Armed Forces which have led to the death of many of the terrorists and obliteration of their enclaves.

Boko Haram Fighters Laying Down Their Arms

Many more of the fighters have also been laying down their arms. That follows the intense hunger in their camps. In view of that there has frequent outbreak of diseases.

The Terrorist also lack acesss to medical facilities. In fact there is a near impossibility of accessing drugs or feeding on normal food.

According to Chidi Omeje, one nof the fighters who recently surrendered to the troops, narrated how the stark reality in their enclaves is one of hunger, disease, brutality.

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There is also high level of immorality and the constant fear of military offensives. He gave details of how much terrified they were in their locations and that is why most of them came out with their wives and children.

The Truth About The Constant Air Strikes On The Boko Haram Terrorist

The truth about the constant air strikes on the terrorist is that the sustained airstrikes and heavy artillery bombardments by the troops on the enclaves of the terrorists in Sambisa forest and environ have exerted so much pressure on the fighters.

It has totally made them disoriented, prompting the frantic waving of the proverbial olive branch.

Apparently, their fighting capability has depreciated seriously with remnants deserting various camps. That has made the Terrorist to be leaving behind a few diehards. And who stand no chance of not being eliminated by the highly spirited Nigerian troops.

We Have The Current Devastating Form Of The Nigerian Troops

The current devastating form of the Nigerian troops, that is both on land and air did not come by chance.

It is the result of clear-headed strategic decisions, well-executed tactical plans and well co-ordinated operations of the Nigerian military.

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The Strategic decision to strengthen the synergy of the Army operations between the land and air forces on one and hand and the integration of both the intelligence assets and logistics support. And also that of other security agencies have proved very effective in the operations.

The Greatest Magic Bullet Employed By The Nigerians Military In Fighting The Terrorist

Chime Omeje continued by sayingt that the greatest magic bullet employed by the military authorities which has enabled the current desirable result so far, aside from the high moral and fighting spirit of the troops, is the new found synergy between the services.

In effect, the unhealthy inter-service rivalry which robbed off negatively on the professional and operational relationship between the ground troops and air component before the current dispensation is now a thing of the past. No wonder they (the military) hit the bull’s eye and leave the adversary with bloodied nose, operations after operations.

Furthermore Chime Omeje continue by saying that course, successful operations are usually the result of painstaking actionable intelligence, which is provided by different sources. Most effective of which is the human intelligence (HUMINT).

It was gathered that acting on the directives from the Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant General Faruk Yahaya, massive engagement of intelligence tools were employed to gather actionable information on the locations.

This also includes movements and arm stockpiles of BHTs / ISWAP. When Lt General Farouk visited the theatre recently, he assured the troops that they will get whatever they need to be able to penetrate the BHTs / ISWAP bases both in the Sambisa forest and Lake Chad general areas.


Without doubt, the use of some discreet technologies has also assisted in gathering useful intelligence for the military. It has also enabled the troops to carry out several offensives st eukesinto the so-called strongholds of the terrorists.

In addition to that, the effective deployment of intelligence asset and well-guided bombardments by the military that forced many strategic commanders of Boko Haram to abandon their missions and surrender to troops.

As a professional force that adheres strictly to extant international laws of arms conflict. Particularly, the provision that relate to adversaries surrendering, the Nigerian Army has promised to always accept Boko Haram members who laid their arms.

And those Boko Haram fighter that willfully denounced violent campaigns. These kinetic and non-kinetic lines of operations are really paying off. As the professional manner in which they are handling the surrendered fighters within the ambit of international best practices have no doubt helped to convince others to come out too.

Feelers from the theaters are that the troops are upbeat about the current leadership of the military. They have in many occasions expressed their appreciations for the support they receive from their COAS and other Service Chiefs, who have provided needed combat enablers. And insisted in ‘jointness’ and the idea of taking the fight to the terrorists.

From what is going down in the theatre of operation in the north east, it is obvious that the troops are more than ever ready to conclude the war on terror.as soon as possible. But they will need serious support from all men and women of goodwill to finish off the job.

Meaning of Cul-de-sac

A blind diverticulum or pouch. 2 : a street or passage closed at one end Our house is located on a quiet cul-de-sac.3. It can also be defined as a road or a cause leading no where.

Credited To Chidi Omeje is the Editor-in-Chief, Nigeria Security Digest (www.securitydigestng.com)

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