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Hadiza Gabon lifestyle Awards Acting Career

Hadiza Gabon looking smart and beautiful

Hadiza Gabon lifestyle,awards and acting career. Beautiful Kannywood actress, Hadiza Aliyu who is popularly called Hadiza Gabon is the daughter of a Mallam Aliyu. Her father is a Gabonese, who is an elder Statesman in Libreville, Republic of Gabon.

Hadiza Gabon is of mixed heritage. Her mother of Fulani ancestry from Adamawa State. While her father is from the republic of Gabon.

11 Years After Hadiza Gabon Became an Actress, See Her Achievements

Hadiza Gabon attended her primary and Secondary education at her birth country Gabon. Hadiza Gabon initially wanted to become a lawyer, against her latter profession in acting.

Due to her love for the law profession, she wrote her A Examination and proudly choosed the Law Profession.

11 Years After Hadiza Gabon Became an Actress, See Her Achievements

Acting Career Of Hadiza Gabon

Hadiza Gabon acting career started as a passion she developed, while watching Hausa films in Gabon. Actors like Ali Nuhu, Adam A Zango and actress Jamila Nagudu became her role models. They were her motivating tools for choosing acting.

Hadiza Gabon was passionate about becoming an actress. Hadiza Gabon then contacted her cousin sister who was residing at Abuja, in Nigeria to assist whenever she comes to Nigeria.

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On arrival to Nigeria, Hadiza Gabon joined classes to learn Hausa and English languages. Upon completion of her courses she sort the help of Ali Nuhu.

11 Years After Hadiza Gabon Became an Actress, See Her Achievements

Ali Nuhu is a veteran and award winning actor at the Kannywood industry. It was for Ali Nuhu to assist her in actualizing her dream of becoming an actress. Hadiza Gabon joined the Kannywood in 2009.

Culture is what i admired most- Hadiza Gabon


See What Ali Nuhu Did To Hadiza Gabon To Bring Her To Limelight

Ali Nuhu gave Hadiza Gabon the golden opportunity to be featured in a film Hadiza Gabon was given the scripts to memorize and fit into character.

Surprisingly, Hadiza Gabon did excellently and the rest is now history. The actress has featured in films like “Ali Ya Ga Ali” “Yar Maye” “Basaja” and many others film which became blockbuster films.

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Lifestyle of Hadiza Gabon

Hadiza Gabon is considered by many at Kannwood industry to be of good morals. Hadiza Gabon is also highly cultured and well dressed. She has always exhibited good virtues of someone who is from a good home.

This is due to her highly exhibited sense of responsibility and good home training. Hadiza Gabon also possesse a spirit of sportsmanship.

11 Years After Hadiza Gabon Became an Actress, See Her Achievements

Hadiza Gabon concerns for fellow actresses had once landed her in trouble. This was because she advised fellow actress Amina Amal to change her dressing code and to be responsible. Such approach didn’t go well with the upcoming address and they had serious conflicts but the clash of interest was later resolved.

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Endorsements and Awards of Hadiza Gabon

Hadiza Gabon is an ambassador for MTN Nigeria and Indomie. She has worn the Best Actress Jury Award supported MTN Nigeria. Hadiza Gabon presently serves as the founder of her foundation HAG foundation.

Hauwa Ayawa Azeema Answers 12 Questions About Her Lifestyle

Wishing Hadiza Gabon the best. We are hoping to see more of her good works. Do you believe that actress Hadiza Gabon is the most cultured in Kannywood industry?

What do you think of Kannywood actress Hadiza Gabon, lifestyle, acting career and awards?Share it with us today.

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