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Hadiza Gabon Sued By Man She Refuses To Marry

Hadiza Gabon

Hadiza Gabon Sued By Man She Refuses To Marry. A man in his late fourthies has taken popular Kannywood actress Hadiza Gabon to court. This was for allegedly refusing to marry him. Remember, Hadiza Gabon is a foster mother of one and had never been married before. Details below

Hadiza Gabon Sued By Man She Refuses To Marry

It was drama in court as a 48 year old Zamfara man who resides in Gusau took Kannywood Hausa actress Hadiza Gabon to court. The man, Bala Musa was accusing Hadiza Gabon for refusing to marry him after spending N396,000. Bala Musa wasn’t ready to allow his money to go down the drain.

Mallam Musa, alleged that he has been a relationship with actress Hadiza Gabon. Infact, the man also alleged that they were in good terms with the actress. Bala further stated that Hadiza Gabon had requested money from him on several occasions. In addition to that, the also mentioned that he has never refused to meet to her monetary demands. The N398,000 was accumulated from different requests by the actress.

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Hadiza Gabon Refused To Fulfil Her Promised-Enbattled Man Cries Out

The civil servant sueing Hadiza Gabon in court had made more revelation. According to the embattled man, he mentioned that Hadiza Gabon promised to visit him in Gusau. Bala Musa continued by saying that he made all arrangements for Hadiza Gabon’s visit. But she failed to meet up to her promise.

The court has sat for the first hearing. The complainant told the court all his concerns. Hadiza Gabon has failed to show up in the court. Although counsel to Hadiza Gabon gave reasons for actress absence.

NAN Confirms Absence of Actress in Court

News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) had also reported that the case was first heard on the 23rd of May 2022. According to NAN the defendant Hadiza Gabon was not in court after being served.

However, counsel to Hadiza, Mubarak Kabir defended Hadiza Gabon. He mentioned that his client wasn’t sure of the authenticity of the sermon.

In his words Mubarak Kabir also stated that”: “My client’s position as a celebrity attracts different kinds of people with different intentions.

Furthermore, Mubarak Kabir defended Hadiza Gabon by also saying that his client was vigilant of her safety. This might have been the reason Hadiza Gabon refused to honour his invitation. Lastly, Mubarak Kabir begged the court to grant him more time to produce Hadiza her in court.

The case has been adjourned by the Judge, Rilwanu Kyaidai to 13th June for further hearing.

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Hausa Actress Hadiza Gabon Might Have Been swindling Many Men In the past

Indeed it is pathetic to think that Hausa actresses will decent so low to indulge in such acts. She might ha been swindling many men in the past. The actresses have accumulated so much wealth and game. It is disgracing to see them requesting for such an amount. I believe there are more of such men fooled by Hadiza Gabon. It is either they are silent or don’t know how to seek for their rights.

Hadiza Gabon Sued For Refusing To Marry a Man She Promised

About Hadiza Gabon

Hadiza Gabon is a Gabonese born Nigerian Hausa actress. The actress parents were Fulani both left for Gabon in search of greener pastures. Furthermore, Hadiza Gabon returned to Nigeria to joined the Kannywood industry. At period in time, she only spoke French. But was able to master Hausa language within a short period of time. Hausa actress Hadiza Gabon is in her middle thirties.

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