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Fumilayo Ademoye Trends Again as Baby Becomes Youngest Hairstylist

Youngest Hairstylist Courtesy Fumilayo Ademoye

Fumilayo Ademoye Trends Again as Baby Youngest Hairstylist. The beautiful UK lady trends again after her one year old baby tries to style her mother’s hair. What a scene to behold. See what Miss Ademoye had to say about her daughter’s talent.

Fumilayo Ademoye Trends Again

Fumilwyo Ademoye again after latest revelation about daughter. Remember, Fumilayo Ademoye became the trending topic in Nigeria and beyond after she reported how UK women were inquisitive to learn how to back a baby the African way. Although initially, Fumi mocked the scenario of how just a simple story went viral.

But in the real sense, the bloggers were fascinated by the beauty of the story. I think it is what caught the their minds and that of people. That was the beauty of African Culture. Indeed, Africa is fil with many talents. Tapped and untappped. Africa isn’t just about famine, poverty, terrorism and wars and diseases. But is a continent filled with immense talent and resources.

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My Quest For Baby is Yielding Positive Outcome-Fumi Ademoye

According to Fumi Ademoye, she had in the past desperately wanted daughter. She is happy and accomplished as her quest is now yielding a positive outcome. To Fumilayo Ademoye ,a daughter means someone who can be a sister, a friend and an assistant with the house chores. But many people misunderstood her. Well with the birth of her daughter, Miss Ademoye believed that her dreams are becoming reality.


Furthermore she attest to the fact that family and friends can also understand the beauty of having a daughter. This is because she can now proudly say her baby has become more innovative and productive. Fummi’s Baby becomes the youngest hairstylist as she tries to style and unbraid her mother’s hair.

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Baby Hairstylist Serious About Braiding Mother’s Hair

The one old baby hairstylist can be seen in the pictures seem to be effortlessly trying to do her mother’s hair. With the seriousness on the baby’s face, you can tell she is would be a hairstylist in the future. Children always look serious when they are doing what they love the most.

Miss Ademoye really had a hard time. As she complains about how the daughter wasn’t gentle at all. She further stated that baby was busy removing her hair from its roots. All because she was unbraiding hair for mother.

Say a word of prayer to the baby stylist as she helps mother do do her hair. She might not be good at it now. But will surely do the best in the future. Wishing the baby the best of what life can brings.

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See Original Text and Post Below

“Shebi when I said I wanted a daughter you people were not understanding, just negodu the youngest hair stylist. Guinness book og record please come and see something 🤣🤣🤣
Catch them young.
She looked so serious snatching my hair out of my scalp.
Shebi preterm babies are supposed to be gentle, this one is not.
See her squeezed mouth.
It’s the concentration for me🤣🤣🤣”


What are your views?Is a child that inquisitive to assist you at home with the house chores?Share your views with us by commenting below. Don’t forget to like and share the article to increase our reach.

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