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Fatima Danladi Isa Asirka, Origin Business Politics

Fatima Danladi Isa Asirka, origin, business and politics. Fatima Danladi Isa Asirka is indeed a beauty, a politician and also a business icon to reckoned with. Indeed Fatima D Isa is a woman of numerous talents.

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Fatima Isa Asirka is indeed an intelligent woman. Due to her indisputable many qualities she possesses. Fatima Danladi is a resilient,hardworking and always adhering to her goals and aspirations.

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Beautiful dressed in traditional outfit

Place of Birth

Fatima Isa Asirka was born on the 18th of September in Cameroon to a Nigerian/Cameroon parents. This has made her to possessed dual citizenship. Fatima Isa Azirka attended Federal Government Secondary School Katsina

Fatima Isa Asirka had attended Government Girls Secondary School Mongono. It’s based in Borno State ,North Eastern part of Nigeria. The actress has obtained an Ordinary Diploma certificate, at Ramat Polytechnic Maiduguri, Borno State. Fatima also went ahead to acquire a Higher National Diploma in the same Institutions on partime basis.


Business Enterprise

The hardworking Fatima Isa Asirka had passion in business. Her mindset was sectioned towards venturing into business activities. In order to achieved her aims and objectives, she decided to go into buying of clothing materials, jewelries, bags and shoes.

Fatima Isa Asirka had very a successful business adventure. She was able to create her networking in Yobe, Adamawa, and Kano State. Fatima Isa Asirka even transported her goods and services to neighbouring countries of Chad and Cameroon.

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Fatima Isa Asirka acting career started when she relocated from Borno State to Kano State. It was due to the emergence of the Boko Haram Insurgent.

The insurgency had displaced thousands of Borno residents. The Terrorist activities made a lot of people to seek refuge at various States. While others left for Nigeria’s neighboring countries. Fatima Asirka was one of such people that left Borno State for Kano State of Nigeria in order to seek for safety.

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How The Insurgency Brought Many Life Changing Achievements To Victims

Insurgency had both positive and negative impact on victims. To Fatima Arsika it brought a lot of life changing achievements. In Kano State, Fatima Isa Asirka made a feasibility studies. It was on what kind of businesses can yield money. And also attract buyers and customers.

After a careful survey, Fatima Isa Asirka discovered that her initial business would flourished better in the Kano State. Due to the population advantage. And also the cost of buying goods would be cheaper.

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Asirka Started Her Business With Selling of These Type of Goods

Well Fatima Isa Adirka started her business ventures in Kano State. Fatima distributed her goods and accessories to banks,the Secretariat. Fatima also distribute to actors and actresses on locations.

Sometimes she delivered to homes on request. It was on one of such business transactions that the golden opportunity came. Fatima Isa Asirka was asked to replaced an actress that failed to appear at the scene of film production. Due to their resemblance. Today, the rest is history owing to the numerous films she has been featured.

Checkout The Party That Fatima Asirka Contested On

Fatima Asirka was passionate about the less privilege and always lend a helping hand. She decided to go into politics. Since Fatima Isa Azirka knows that politics is a better way to reach to the public better.

Fatima Asirka contested for the gubernatorial seat under the Restoration Party Of Nigeria (RPN). Fatima Isa Adirka stated that one of her ambition is to draw a package which can uplift the perception of the Northerners about acting .

Acting Career

Fatima Asirka started her acting career in 2014. Her first film was Asirka. But the film that brought her to prominence was Hindu. Acting was a passion she had from childhood. Although many people in the Northern part of Nigeria don’t buy the idea of women going into politics.

This is because they see it as a degrading profession for a female to venture into. Fatima Isa Asirka wasn’t successful in election. But she was happy. Due to the large support she gathered and the experience. Miss Fatima Isa Asirka was happy, to be a role model for the younger generation. Indeed she is woman to emulate.

Fatima Isa Azirka has achieved a lot. Due to her resilient and strong determination. We hoping to see more of her good works in all round corner of her interest.

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Filmatography of Fatima Asirka

1. Asirka

2. Gidan Kitso

3. Kejeran Mata

4. Hindu

5. Kujerar Mata

6. Makashin Mata

7. Indon Kauye

8. Sharemin Hawayena

9. Yan Zamani

10. Rariya

11.Doya Da Maja

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