Meet Fati Muhammed Her Lifestyle, Biography and More

Fati Muhammed

Meet Kannywood actress Fati Muhammed, her lifestyles, biography and more. Fati led us into her life, by answering questions about herself. The beautiful actress used to be amongst the most relevant faces in the Kannywood. Fati Muhmmed was amongst the actors that made her debut in the early 2000s.

At that period in time, the Kannywood industry had limited resources and modern equipments. But had great actors who valued talents more than money.

Fati Muhmmed has not been acting of recent. She has focused her businesses. We can’t forget her blockbuster film Sangaya. It was thrilling,well packaged, educative and entertaining.

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Sangaya was filled with suspense, superb entertainment and quality music. Follow us as we dwell into Fati Muhammed’s lifestyle below.

1. How many minutes do you spend on makeups, each day?

Fati Mohammed: I spend about three to four minutes on makeups in a day.

2.Why did you left London with your Ex husband?

Fati Muhammed

We got endorsements as ambassadors for family planning. It was amongst my greatest achievement.

3. Who was your first boyfriend?.

Fati Mohammed: I met my first boyfriend when i was only 13 years old. The boy was of the same age with me, his name is Nura. At that time, i lived with my mother’s relations in the village, in Yobe state.

4. What makes you happy in life?

Fati Mohammed: The thing that makes me happy in Life is fulfilling a promise. I appreciate and honour people who make promises and also fulfill it.

5. What is your favourite food?

Fati Mohammed: My favourite food is rice and beans with sliced fresh tomatoes on it. And also garnished with hot pepper on it.

6. What gift have you ever gotten that you would not forget about it?

Fati Mohammed: During the period i was still active in my career, there was an organization which was not related to acting career. But honoured me with an award. I saw that as a great gift. I was happy for that and i will never forget it.

7What is the day that you would never forget?

Fati Mohammed: The day that i will never forget in life was the day my marriage ceremony took place. I saw many people that gathered in troops. They all came to grace the occassion with me. I appreciated the love that was showered to me by the people. I will also never forget that day in my life.

8. What question have you answered so many times in life?

Fati Mohammed: The question that I have answered so many times in life is that people keep asking me on why do I quit acting. I didn’t left acting because I am now bigger than the career. But i left it in order to give opportunity to the upcoming actors. And also to focused on other aspects of my life.

9. Who is your best friend?

Fati Mohammed: My best friend is Abida Mohammed, we both hustled together and delved into different dimensions together.

10. Who is your best actor?

Fati Mohammad: My best actor is Ali Nuhu, I have so much respect for him.

Brief Biography of Fati Muhammed

Fati Muhammed was born in 1980 in Kano State. Fati is an indigine of Kano State. The actress birth place is Tukuntwa, in Kano metropolis. Fati Muhammed completed her Primary and Secondary education all Kano State before joining the Kannywood industry.

Fati has also attended the Regional College London from 2000-2005. Fati Muhammed was the ambassador Society and Family Health in collaboration with GHAIN. It was because of her contract with them, that she was oportuned to stay in London.

They were the first pioneers of the film industry. She was married twice. First to Sani Musa Mai Iska who was also an actor. Fati Muhammed then Umar Kano, a film producer but the marriage was also short-lived.

Filmography Of Fati Muhammed

Fati Muhammed has featured in many films. Amongst which are Sangaya,Marainiya,Zarge,Zoben Alkhawari,Mujadala,Garwashi, Tawakalli,Abadan, Da’iman and many more. Fati would always remained amongst dear in the heart of her fans.

Hope you have had a wonderful time reading about Fati Muhammed’s lifestyle and biography?. Wishing her all the best as she continues to work hard to better her life. Share your views by commenting below.

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