Fans Drag Bobrisky Post Old Pictures After Claiming To Be A Beautiful Woman

Fans drag Bobrisky Post old pictures after claiming to be a beautiful woman. Bobrisky has not be truthful with his sexuality. He dresses like a woman and act like one. But whenever he is being interviewed, he makes a U-turn and claimed to be just a crossdressers.

In 2020, he granted an interview claiming that his dressing code like a woman was just part of his cross-dressing and nothing more. But time doesn’t lie. After Bobrisky did a Liposuction, it’s clear that he might has been lying about his sexuality and that he is transgender.

He can be best described as a man who is lost with his sexuality and decided to change to what he feels and recognized with. Why I based my argument on Bobrisky being a transgender is because he now recognized with being a woman. Even his international passport says that.

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Fans Reactions To Bobrisky Calling Himself a Beautiful Woman

Pictures Courtesy Bobrisky

Bobrisky uploaded a picture of himself with the caption “fine girl Na Fine Girl I No Fit Kill Person”. Well trust Nigerians and fans, they were quick to react. They posted his old pictures to support his claims. See what they told Bobrisky and the pictures they posted below.

Fine gey fine gey, till your preek rises in the morning for morning devotion. Bob please comot your preek ma, I am in support of you Sir- Martin Beck Nworah

I remember in my 2nd year in the University, a revered lecturer of mine asked a question and the whole class went into total silence. From nowhere, I voiced out the answer & my lecturer out of excitement shouted:

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“BEAUTIFUL BOY” .Everyone in the class burst into laughter. My sister, you’re a BEAUTIFUL BOY πŸ˜‰πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰πŸ€£πŸ˜‚-Obng Jude Jude

If u fine u won’t be doing makeup everyday.Show us ur real face and let gave you shout-out!πŸ˜‚-Tilly Naa Thomson

Bobrisky Shares 7 Exclusive Pictures For Birthday

Oga, say beautiful man for once.. You’re still one of us for crying out loud. We miss your manhood-Musa Evidence

Beautiful Handsome
Wen the madness was new-Irreplaceable

Bobrisky in the past

This boy would have been very beautiful if she was a woman… All the same you look beautifully handsome Bro Bob 😍-Lois Nana

I declare deliverance on you Bobirisky in the name of Jesus. I plead the blood of Jesus over your mind that it is transformed and gives the right directive. If the son of man shall set you free, you are free indeed. I await your testimony. Amen-Daniel Nwanchwukwu

Bobrisky has gradually become an ambassador of homosexuality and transgender. He has made the Nigerian public to support him through his expensive lifestyles and display of enormous wealth.

He recently had his birthday on the 4thnof September and there was money reign everywhere. Bobrisky had been bragged and compared himself with the burial ceremony of Obi Cubana. He mentioned that nthe money he got from friends and acquintances was more that what was realised at Obi Cubana’s mother’s burial. Well only Obi can attest to that.

Bobrisky when he newly started his transgender journey

Indeed, Bobrisky has gone a long way in his transformation and gender reassignment. Lastly, he had mentioned that he wants to have a breast implants to complete his journey of becoming a woman.

Although he has not been talking about removing his manhood. But as it seems that would also be accomplished in the nearest future. He is talking it gradually putting the Nigeria public at heart. Since Homosexuality isn’t allowed by law. And also due religious and traditional believes. The future is bright and we await to see the next step Bobrisky would take.

Bobrisky Goes Naked For Fans Shows Buttocks Massage

In a related development, Bobrisky has gone naked for his fans, shows buttocks massage. Indeed money is good and can give everything except life. Gone are the days when he was roaming the streets and being arrested for dressing like a woman. This days he lives a very expensive lifestyle. Some say is fake. But his social media handles is there to attest for that.

What happened was that Bobrisky took to his social media handle and posted a video with the caption “Never compare me to those upcoming actress πŸ˜‚”. In the said video, Bobrisky’ bears it all naked. His buttocks was being massage by a beautiful lady with a massaging cream.

Fans have since reacted. Some supported him while others bombard him with negative comments. See their responses below.

Risky risky loving the way you pamper yourself always been-Emwmerald

U will never lack for good things ever and ever in your life- Enefi

Why can’t you show your face πŸ‘€ only Bob πŸ˜‚πŸ€£- Eniola

As this one dey mumu for money now, tomorrow someone will come and tell me to pray for him/her that she /he needs our prayer, I pray that ur money solves all the advantages of ur nonsense when it backfires- Sonia

That is not bobrisky bombom look at the video closely . The hand that was showing us the cream is bob but the bot is not bob if na bob he for show us him face . He just using us to catch cruise -Confidence

Ma scrub the front too make we se sir-Jam

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