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Ezekwesili Worried Over Elapsing of 7 Days Ultimatum Given BY Onions Traders

Ezekwesli worried over Elapsing of 7 days Ultimatum Given BY Onions Tradera. Sandra Ezekwesili showed her concern over the recent public announcement by the Union of Onion Sellers. She was concerned that for the second time in six moths time, a blockage of food is being threatened to the Southeast.

Miss Sandra added by saying that this time around it was coming from the onions traders association. The traders issuied an ultimatum over the insecurity in the South.

The media personality and journalist, decried how the traders gave seven days to the Federal and State governments. This was in order to secured their lives, or they will cut the supply of onions to the Southeast.

According to a video shares by Sandra Ezekwesli on her twitter page, the onions traders were not happy with the situation. The video shows the Chairman of the Onion Association of Nigeria, speaking on behalf of his members.

In the video, the Chairman of the Onion Association of Nigeria, cried over the killings of their members. He also explained how their goods were also looted and destroyed.

Furthermore, the Chairman said they have no bad feelings against the Southeast. But would not continue to allow their members to be killed in the Southeast. He added by saying that if Government didn’t respond in seven days, they will cut their supply of Onions to the Southeast. And wait until security improves.

Well the ultimatum was 7th June 2021, and it starts today Monday. The way it seems now, the cut of supply of onions would be effected. Since the security situation in the Southeast has not improved.

We hope that the stakeholders would find a way to make things work. By securing the lives of Nigerians through improving the security in the Southeast. See the Onions Sellers post as shared by the media personality and their demands.

What are your views about the decision the onions traders adopted? Should they boycott the Southeast or continue to face threats, destructions of their goods and Killings of their members?.

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