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There has been crisis of recent in most of the Eastern Igbo speaking states. It has been from one violence to another since the movement for the emacipation of an Igbo nation began. The violence was further fueled after the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra(IPOB) was arrested.

The Crisis Has Been So Disturbing Said TIC

The crisis has been so disturbing to the Indigbo people and Nigeria at large. The Eastern part of Nigeria are known for being business minded. They are also known for being the most widely dispersed tribe in Nigeria.

The Igbos move from one remote area to another all in the name of conducting their businesses. The succession has made the region to be vunearable. Many criminal elements are now using the crisis to undertake their evil acts.

A Bus Was Said To Have Been Burnt By ESN

Recently, a bus with passengers was said to have been allegely burnt by Eastern Security Network (ESN). This was because the victims violated a sit at home order by the malicious group. The Igbo Conscience has come out to speak out for their people. They are denouncing violence its totality.

TIC Condemns Violence To It’s Totality

According to The Igbo Conscience, they condemn the culture of violence. The destruction and violence that has been unleashed on Igbo land by people purporting to be members of IPOB and its armed wing.

The group further stated, that the deadly violence unleashed in the South East is destroying the region. And that it was also making the area a no-go area for businesses and investors.

In addition to that the group said, as a group of well-meaning Igbos, they are appalled that Igbo land is today set in an irreversible self-destructive mode where wanton killing, shedding of blood is taking place.

The TIC also mentioned about the unmitigated destruction of properties that has become norm. TIC are worried that this deadly culture has become a norm and enjoys tacit support of people.

TIC said they are troubled that at this age and time in human development, South East has become a theater of cannibalism and other forms of animalistic savagery while most Igbos cheer and applaud it.

Consequences Awaits The East Says TIC If Violence Not Curb

While the dangerous consequences of turning the South East to a border less field of wanton sadistic blood-letting is too obvious for all to see. TIC fear that tolerating this beastly culture further will leave no one safe in Igboland. We express our shock that many Igbos approve of this primitive culture that spares no one at the end of the day.

TIC continued by saying that no one can quantify the amount of lives lost to this carnage. TIC also said nor can anybody quantify the tremendous cost this culture of killing of Igbos and destruction of businesses and properties of Igbos by Igbos exerts on the entire South East.

TIC further said they know for sure, that no serious investor or businessman will touch the South East with this prevailing situation. We warn that the loss, both in human and material resources, this needless violence is visiting the South East, both now and in the future, will be too huge for Igbos to bear.

Police Arrest Financier Of IPOB/ESN And 25 Others In A Hotel

TIC also said the they are worried that Igbo leaders and opinion leaders in cultural, political, religious and economic spheres are maintaining a culture of conspiratorial silence. While evil overwhelms Igbo land.

TIC continued by saying that they are worried that those who should call the errant perpetrators of this deadly vice to order are rather offering hidden support and encouragement to the perpetrators instead of calling them to order.

The TIC lastly stated that they are calling on Igbos to start speaking up against this ill-wind that will certainly destroy Igboland if not curtailed now. We urge every reasonable voice in Igboland to speak out now.

TIC Hoping For A Truce

TIC is also hoping they would collectively stop this evil that is overwhelming their land now. TIC said this no time for conspiracy of silence so every reasonable voice in Igboland to stand out to be counted in this delicate period and save Igboland from self-destruct and ruination.

TIC ended by saying that the Igbos must know that in a multi-ethnic nation as Nigeria, every race must engage each other and seek other’s understanding and acceptance for its mutual progress. Engaging in self destructive violence and ethnic de marketing only leads to ruins. We want Igbos to take note of this.

News Source: Joe Igbokwe. Peter Claver Oparah
Leader. Secretary

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