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Dorathy Bachor Planning To Buy Gigantic Dream House For Mother

Dorathy Bachor

Dorathy Bachor planning to buy a gigantic dream house for mother. The Big Brother Niger(BBNG) reality star Dorathy Bachor took to her social media handle to make the proclamation. Dorathy is amongst the most successful contestants during the show.

Dorathy went into the BBNG house and concurred. She became the last woman standing. And won millions of consolation prizes. The socialite also got lots of endorsements. Among which is the DSTV endorsements deal. In which she became the brand ambassador of their Decoder.

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Dorothy is being termed as the “Dorathy the explorer”. The former BBNG contestant had also launched her lingerie line. Dorathy names it “My Full Chest Lingerie”.

My Full Chest Lingerie (MFC) was a dream Dorathy had nurtured for busty women. Dorathy wanted to make women who have a larger frontline, to develop the confidence they needed. By dressing beautiful in any outfit they desired for.

What is Dorathy Bachor Planning To Buy

Dorathy recently revealed that she has the intention of buying her mother her dream home. That’s a good thought from our able explorer. There is no amount sacrifice that is too much for a person that bore and nurtured us.

No matter how successful we are, people would quantify our achievements by analysing how we take care of our parents. At least, let the family have a piece of our successes. Indeed her parents should have the mansion they needed since Dorothy rolling in millions.

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Fans where happy for Dorathy for having such a great foresight of building her mother her dream home. Most of her fans believed it is a very good thought from her, to think of building her mother a house. Some fans even mentioned about how they also thought the same way in the past. But their dreams were cut short due to lack of finances.

Another fan,.asked Dorothy on why we always want to built houses for mothers instead of fathers. Even though the fathers are the backbone of the family. They serve as the financier of the family. Fathers are also the persons whose sole responsibilities is to provide and take care of the family. See fans reactions below.

Recalled back that Dorothy was recently gifted a house by her fans. The reality star was very happy that she took to her social media handle to show her appreciation. Dorathy expressed her gratitude. She was very happy. And also felt blessed for the gesture. See her reactions below.

See Original Post By Dorathy below

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