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Dorathy Bachor Becomes Influencer Of A Popular Swimsuit Brand

Pictures Source:Dorathy Bachor Instagram page

Dorathy Bachor Becomes An Influencer Of A Popular Swimsuit Brand.

Dorathy Bachor took to her Instagram page to share another success story about herself. This time, it was about becoming a brand  Influencer of a popular swimsuits company. There are different sizes of the female swimsuits. Ranging from slim to the fatter women. They come in all sizes and shapes. But also fitting.

In the picture, Dorathy showcased beautiful models wearing the swimsuits and looking so beautiful and takeaway. The models were ruining around the beach to show how fitting was the swimming suits. Nothing can be compared to the glamour and beauty shown in the picture.

Many of her former housemates like Vee, Kidwayya, Kaena and other week Wishers congratulated Dorathy. They were happy for her that she also achieved another milestone in her life.

About Dorathy Bachor

Dorathy Bachor was the last woman standing at the BBNG lockdown edition. She was very skillful and talented during the show. Dorathy Bachor is a brand Influencer, social Influencer and an entrepreneur. Dorathy won millions as consolation prizes from the different  house in competitions she participated.

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After the show, she got many endorsements. One was the DSTV decorder ambassador. She is popularly called Dorathy the explorer. Apart from that Dorathy Bachor also opened her own Lingerie line called FMC. Meaning My Full Chest.

Dorathy Bachor recently released her own shoeline products called the “Urban Vibes”. Presently, it consist of mostly designer high heels shoes. They are beautiful designed with the latest leather around the world. They are shoe designs to try for occasions.

. Dorathy came about the concept due to the fact that women that having a bigger chest find it difficult to find a bra. Indeed, her concept has assisted many women who are disadvantaged to feel accepted. And to assist women find a quality locally made bra brand.

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