Dele Momodu Bags Chieftaincy Title as Saga Talks about Sleeping Without Nini

Dele Momodu bags Chieftaincy title as Saga Talks about sleeping without Nini. Saga sheds light about how he spends his nights without Nini besides him.

Nigerian entertaiment industry is filled with many stories. The BBNG finals is coming up Sunday 3rd October 2021 and tongues are up discussing who will emerged as victorious.

Dele Momodu and Wife Bolaji Bag Chieftaincy Title

Dele Momodu and wife Bolaji recently bagged chieftaincy title respectively. Today 2nd October was the ordaining day. The couples were all smiles thanking their stars for the blessings they received.

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The couples were ordained as the Aare Tayese and Yeye Aare of Iwo kingdom in Osun State. They were ordained by the imperial majesty Oba Abdulrasheed Adewale Akambi. Many dignitaries within and outside Nigeria were present to grace the occasion.

Oba Abdulrasheed Adewale Akambi is known for promoting cultural legacies for the Yoruba race and kingdom. It wasn’t surprising for him to spot the two public figures and deemed it worthy to honour them with the titles.

Dele Momodu and wife bagged the title because of their continues contribution to national development. Dele Momodu and wife surely deserve the titles for his positive representation of the Yoruba people. See pictures below.

Dele Momodu is the CEO of Ovation Magazine which has made debut in Nigeria and outside. He is a seasoned journalist and a celebrated one. He is known for his unbiased reporting and converge of news.

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Saga Talks About How He Feels Sleeping Without Nini

Saga Talks about how he feels sleeping without Nini besides him. The evicted housemate is a lover boy and had clinched to Nini during his days at the Big Brother Niger House. He had also professed his undying love for the model.

Saga was recently interviewed by dele Momodu on how he feels sleeping without Nini. He had explained that he is yet to come to terms with the situation. He also confessed that it has not been easy for him. Due to the closeness they have shaired.

In addition to that, Saga had also stated that he has not seen Nini since their eviction. He also added by saying that they hardly talk these days. But he attributed it to dealing with the massive publicity that comes from the BBNG house. Saga continued by saying that all of them are trying their best to cope with their sudden fame. They are also on media tours to create their own brands.

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What Future Holds For Saga and Nini?

When asked on whether he will have a relationship with Nini in the future, he gave a positive response. He replied back that it was too early to judge. Hence there is need to create more time. Although he mentioned that they are good friends. Indeed what the future holds for saga and Nini can only be determined with time.

Saga Undying Love For Nini At BBNG House

Saga has portrayed an undying love for Nini. Whether real or an act, he has acquired massive support before their eviction. Saga had stood firm on his love for Nini at tailed her every movement. He didn’t give Nini more opportunities to explore the house and relate to others.

Nini Maintains She Has A Boyfriend Outside BBNG House

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Nini on the other hand, has maintained that she has a boyfriend outside the house. Have also said that she never created hopes for Saga and was sincere at the first instance with him. But surprisingly, had also player to the gallery. Nini and Saga were a pair in the house. They portrayed the characters of two people in love. Like the Rumeo and Juliet characters.

Nini and Saga had also slept on the same bed for two months. This is a clear indication of love and friendship. We can’t take away that closeness and the wonderful moments they shared. Whether acting or reality, they were best of friends at the show

Wishing them the best in their media tour and successes in their future endeavors. We would keep you posted on their latest development.

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