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Davido Marriage Children Music and Controversies

Picture Courtesy Davido Social Media Handles

Musician Davido Marriage Children Music and Controversies. Nigerian music artist David Adeleke is amongst the most lucky and successful artists presently in Nigeria. He came into the Nigerian entertaiment industry and excel. He is known within and Outside the shores of Nigeria. Follow us for more about the music icon.


Who is David Adeleke Alias Davido

David Adeleke is a successful Nigerian born in the United States of America. He was born on the November 21st 1992. Mr Adeleke’s father Chief Adedeji Adeleke is a business mogul and owner of Pacific Holdings Limited. David Adeleke’s mother was Dr Vera Adeleke who died in 2003. Furthermore, David Adeleke’s father also owns a University named after him. It is situated in Osun State Southwestern Nigeria. In addition to that, he also has a sister called Sharon Adeleke.

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What Profession and Skills Does David Adeleke Possesses

David Adedeji Adeleke, popularly known as Davido is a multitalented young Nigerian-American singer. In addition to that, David Adeleke is also a songwriter, and record producer.

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Musical Career of David Adedeji Adeleke

Young musical icon David Adeleke started his musical career in 2010. He was relatively not known until he released his single called Dami Duro. It was his second single from his Album called Omo Oluwo which he released in 2012.

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Awards and Nominations

Davido has won many awards. These includes

1. MTV music awards for best African act.

2. Bet Awards for Best International Act Africa.

3. Headies Awards for The Artist of The Year and more.


David Adeleke was never Married although he has had several relationships which yielded children. His relationship with his baby mama Chioma Avril almost resulted into marriage. But it ended due to infidelity from him. It was rumoured that he was in a relationship with an American model and social influencer.

David Adeleke’s Children

Furthermore, David Adeleke has 3 children. Although there are rumours that he had fathered two more. But since he had not acknowledge them, we will only state the three children he has come out to acknowledge paternity.

Mr Adeleke children includes David Adedeji Adeleke Jr, Haily Veronica Adeleke and Aurora Imade Adeleke.

Controversies Surrounding David Adeleke

David Adeleke is one of the most controversial Nigerian artist. He had experienced many controversies courtesy tmof his womanising habits and relationships.

Relationship With Sophia Momodu

Firstly, it was his controversy with his first baby mama Sophia Momodu. Davido got entangled in a relationship with Sophia Momodu. The relationship was celebrity gist also the of the town. The relationship was moving on fine before it hit the rocks.

Crises erupted after Davido decided to call it quit and move into another relationship. Sophia on the other hand, wasn’t ready to let go Davido. The results was a serious altercation between Davido and Sophia Momodu’s family. In fact, Davido did alot of character assasination to Sophia alleging she was into drugs. He even demanded to have full custody of their daughter Imade. Although things are back to normal, as they share joint custody. The former couples are also co-parenting under a condusive atmosphere.


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Davido’s Relationship With Chioma Avril

Chioma Avril is Davido latest Baby Mama and another woman that he broke their relationship. Chioma Avril due to love, dropped out of school to be with Davido. But unfortunately, the relationship also hit the rocks still because of infidelity. Davido was into series of cheating with other women. Chioma was saddened because she put in alot of effort to make the relationship work. But Davido on the other hand, wasn’t ready to settle down.

The two former lovebirds have since parted ways. Although they are still co-parenting and share a son together called David Adedeji Adeleke.

Davido’s American Girlfriend

Picture Courtesy Aluwa Gossips

Davido is being alleged to be in a relationship with Mya Yafai. Who is an American model and social Influencer. According to our sources, Mya Yafai is said to be the main reason Chioma’s relationship with Davido broke. This was because their romantic pictures surfaced online and Chioma felt insulted. And also offended. Miss Avril made the decision to let go her relationship with David Adeleke for good and for her peace of mind.

Latest Stories and Controversy About David Adeleke


Davido recently, Celebrates his birthday on the 21st of November 2021 in Dubai. It was a celebrity gist of the week in Nigeria and in other parts of the world. The reason was because of what happened. Mr Adeleke in a bit to to his popularity and love from fans decided to asked from his fans. He posted on his social media handles his account number and asked fans to make a contribution for him to celebrate his birthday.

Suprisingly, before you know, fans started to send money. The artist realised a whooping N200 million naira. Although Davido had alleged that he added his own 50 million to donate the whole moqny into charity. Many reactions had trailed the act. Ninety nine percent of responded agreed that Davido was wrong to have requested money from fans. This is because he is multi-billionaire and a hair to multibillion dollar establishment from that. See Davido’s reactions below.

The respondents opined that instead of taking, Davido should had given out to the less Privileged. People like Bello Ishaka even mimicked the situation. He confirmed that the also decided to request from fans but failed to released even N10,000.

Ishaka Bello ended by saying that the poor Nigerians should know their worth and stop enriching the poor. In other words they should make themselves more productive and successful.

Lastly, Davido would always be in controversies unless if he decides to settle down. Until then we would surely be bringing you more of his dramas and controversies.

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Davido Social Media Handles

Pictures Courtesy Davido Social Media Handles

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