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Crime:See video reasons and why man was kissing his 3 year old Stepsister

See video of man kissing his 3 years old step sister. Babatunde Adeyeye was caught sucking his baby sister’s lips

What are men turning into?. Many sexually active men pretend to be saints. While they go about defiling little kids. If you feel you can’t stand the heat, then get a matured girlfriend and get married. Stop terrorising the world with that thing beneath your trousers.

The Police Command in Lagos has arrested a young man, Adeyeye Oluwatosin Babatunde. He was captured kissing a minor. Mr Adeniyi unknowingly was captured, kissing his 3 year old step sister mouth. Seriously like an adult.

The 23 year old has since apologized. But definitely he knows that it was really bad of him to indulge in such activities with a minor. This is because he can definitely get gils of his age, to indulge in such deed

However, the police spokesman in Lagos, DSP Bala Elkana, confirmed that Babatunde is a student of Lagos State University (LASU), studying Botany.

Elkana disclosed that the incident happened on Tuesday, June 2, in the culprit’s residence at Shagamu, Ogun state.

The paedophile was arrested on Friday, June 5, after a close analysis of the video by a team of detectives deployed by the Lagos police commissioner, CP Hakeem Odumosu.

According to the video, he said he kissed her and purposely video tape it to show love in front of his pare ts. But looking at the video it’s child molestation. He was serious,closing his eyes and enjoying the mood which is criminal of him.

Babatunde is now cooling his heels at the state criminal investigation department in Yaba.

Lagos police commissioner, CP Hakeem Odumosu, however, expressed gratitude to Lagosians for helping the police with needed information that led to the arrest of Babatunde.

Odumosu said: “Together we can stop rape, stop child abuse and a crime against our women and children.

“For complaints on rape, child abuse or domestic violence call any of the following numbers 08175899289, 09062887858, 09062887856, 09062887849, 09062887841, 09062887870, 08023532283, 09062887864, 09062887861 and 09062887860.”

See video

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