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What is Plasma therapy and how does it relates to Covid-19

Blood Plasma

What is Plasma therapy and how does it relate to covid-19. The Covid-19 Pandemic has become one of the greatest health crises of the century. The Pandemic has so far infected more than 3 million people globally infected. The European countries presently accounts for almost 75% of all cases worldwide with USA, Italy,Spain, and France accounting for the highest infected cases and also the death toll.

The Covid-19 Pandemic has really hit the world’s economy so hard that countries like France,Italy have gone into recession. In America alone, more than 16 million people have so far lost their jobs.

PThe Virus has hit the America so hard that it has now become the epicenter of the Virus. So far more than more than 200,000 people have died and more than 3 million infected cases recorded. USA has also taken over Italy and Spain in terms of number of deaths and infections.

Covid-19 Shape

Due to the grave devastating effect of the Virus, scientist, doctors and all stake holders in the health sectors have sprung into action. In order to find cure and finally defeat the Virus. InitiallyHydroxychloroquine was invented by a French doctor. The doctor claimed to have cured more than 50 patients with drug.

In the past, the former American President, Donald Trump had released press statements. It was on how Donald Trump has been using the drug. He even rain praises for its effectiveness.

But doctors have warned people not to used the drug. As there is no confirmation from WHO, about its safe use as a drug for Covid-19.

Studies has shown that HydroxyChoroquine has side effects. That has made the drug not to be adopted by many health experts. But remains one of the best option so far. Countries like Greece,Russia at one time adopted the ‘Herd “Immunity”.

In the Process of Herd immunity,people are allowed to grow their immunity, after being infected by the virus. Before the Heard Immunity would be achieved, 2/3 of the population of an area must get infected with the disease.

In the process of Herd immunity, an infected person develops antibodies naturally to would fight the Virus. Well this method was globally criticised by many owing to how it might possible increased more infections and deaths. Since the portion of the society with the immunity isn’t known until infection rate increases.

Russia has so far back out and adopted the lockdown measures and the use of facial mask with observing social distances after more cases were recorded.

The Latest invention is the Plasma therapy. It might serve as the cure and answer to the effects of the Virus. .This unique method is the process by which blood samples of persons who have recovered from Covid-19 are collected. It is then injected to infected persons or those people at risk of contacting the Virus. But the blood samples would be of those with high antibodies

Dr Jeff Yorio ,hematologist and oncologist of Texas University was the first to proposed it. John Casadeval an Immunologist is also working to used the Plasma therapy to help in reducing and also slowing the spread of the Virus. France have since adopted it and many blood samples collected for commencement of treatments.

The blood plasma is a yellowish liquid component of blood. It holds the blood cells in a whole blood suspension. Plasma serves as a transport medium for delivering nutrients to the cells of the various organs of the body. The plasma makes up about half the content of the blood. Plasma is important part of the blood that helps in everything. That is from regulating temperature And also by observing and releasing heat as needed. This new scientific discovery, might be the breakthrough to defeating Covid-19. It can also stop the devastating effects its causing around the World. Share tour views and comments at the comment section of the box

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