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Climate of Corruption as Maiduguri Flour Mill Staff Call For Removal of MD

Climate of Corruption as Maiduguri Flour Mill Staff call for removal of MD. The staff of Maiduguri Flour Mill say they are fed up with the leadership of their present MD. This is because the company is being dragged to the mud and on the verge of collapsing. In addition to that, the corrupt practices and shady activities of the Managing Director is becoming too pronounced. Details below.

The state of the flour mill has gone from good to bad. Infact, almost 90% of the company’s production is now being grounded. Making it difficult to pay staff salaries. So many of the workers had been laid off their services. The remaining staffs just come to wail away their time with no or little work to do.

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Staff Have Resorted To Social Media To Seek For  Redress

The staff in a bit to bring an end to the present tyranny of the Managing Director(MD) had resorted to the social media to seek for redress. According to a social media publication, posted on the company’s handle, addresses all their woes and concerns. Infact, placards with inscription saying” Nine months of outstanding salaries ti date”can be seen all over and may more. The atmosphere can be termed to be tense and ready to explode. See pictures below.

When our correspondent  Mohammed Yahaya, visited the company site, the staffs were not willing to speak out. But according to a staff named withheld, he confirmed the sufferings of the staffs. The staff also told our correspondent that most of them solely depend on their salaries to feed their families. He also added by saying that presently, they have all reached their lowest with little or no income to meet to the needs of their families. This is really pathetic to see what the staff of the company are going through.

History of Maiduguri Flour Mill

Maiduguri Flour Mills Limited was established in 1980. The mill officially commenced milling of grains in 1983. The flour mill company is also a joint venture owned by several shareholders. These include Borno state government, Chad Basin Development Authority (CBDA), Flour Mills of Nigeria Plc, Apapa. Other shareholders include The New Nigeria Development Commission, Yobe State Government and some individual investors.

Furthermore, the management of the company was vested to Flour Mills of Nigeria Plc, Apapa who introduced their brand name of “GOLDEN PENNY PRODUCTS” under which the products of the company were marketed. The Introduction of new leadership has so far destroyed the company.

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The Introduction of a New Management and The Collapse of The Mill

A new management was put in place in March, 2014. It was made with the sole responsibility of reviving  the company. When the new management came into power, it made a lot of discoveries. One was which it discovered that sourcing wheat to resume production is not the best and not forthcoming. The new management then strategies to converting 50% of production to other products. About (200 Metric) of the installed capacity was allocated to grinding maize which is locally available.

Since then, The company is producing/Milling Maize into grits and flour (Masavita, Masaflour). But now, the company is collapsing and becoming something else.  Due to bad management, misrule, corruption and abuse of office by the present General Manager Engr. Mohammed Bukar. Alongside the company two Directors the Managing Director of Borno Investment Co. Ltd, Mohammed Bukar Umar and Alhaji Hamza Sa’idu Of Yobe Investment Ltd.

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Cries For Another New MD Aggrievated More Problems

The staffs were not satisfied with  the Maaji Shettima Arfo management hence they seek to make another change. But their move dragged the company to the mud. It also aggrievated their problems. This was because a new managing director was put in place on 30th June, 2020. His Excellency, the Executive Governor of Borno State Prof. Babagana Umara Zulum Mnse made the change. Since Borno State is amongst the shareholders of the company.

The reason for the change was with the intention of reviving and creating more job opportunities.  In addition to that, it also aimed at generating more revenue for the State.

Suprisingly, since the inception of the new General Manager Engr. Mohammed Bukar, he was only able to pay a three (3) month staff salaries despite the hardship the staff faced during the previous administration of Ma’aji Shettima Arfo. The new management even paid a two year outstanding Director Holiday Allowance. This was without contributing anything to the company, since his assumption in office on June, 2020 to date.

Why The New Change in Adminstration at Maiduguri Flour Mill Failed Woefully

The new management can be said to have failed woefully. Firstly, instead of reviving the company, the MD resulted to doing the contrary. He went about buying raw material (maize) of low quality at a very high price.

Secondly, it was unlike the previous administration of his predecessor Ma’aji Arfo. The former MD thought the price of raw maize fluctuates between season and off season. It can be attested to how in the past it has dropped to as low as N65,000 per tone at season. And had risen to as high as N145,000 per tone at off season.

Hence, the new MD has maintained a stable price for all his purchases of grains. He has always bought grains at N195,000 per tone. Meaning he was (over invoicing) the price to sooth his corrupt practices.

Staff are now Crying For Help as Company Activities is Grounded and Staffs Being Retrenched

The Staff of Maiduguri Flour Mill are now crying for help from all stakeholders and the Borno State goverment. The wo and hardships can be attributed to the MD activities and retrenching of staff. From September,2020 to January 2021, the company has been grounded. The MD was said to had bought maize of N96,000,000,00 in order to syphon cash said our insider. According to The staffs and rumours going on, the MD is currently building a mansion in Pompomary from Company’s proceedings.

As if the woes of the staff isn’t enough, the MD has been busy terminating appointments. He recently, terminated the appointment of five (5) more active staff who had served for over 16 years without concrete reason.

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Way Forward For The Company

Lastly, the staff are calling for a change before the Maiduguri Flour Mill company is totally grounded. They are also hoping that proper investigation can conducted by EFCC to affirmed their allegations. Presently, Maiduguri Flour Mill is the only functional company in Borno State that had stood the taste of time. Only a wise move can effect the necessary changes needed to move the company forward. We would keep you posted on latest developments about the happenings in the mill.

In the same vein the former managing director of Borno flour mill was sentenced to 28 years in imprisonment for corrupt practices. The case was presided by a Borno State High Court, sitting in Maiduguri. The court sentenced Ma’aji Shettima Arfo, to 28 years imprisonment for engaging in an N86.1 million contract fraud.

Ma’aji Arfo was initially arrested by ICPC who in turn handed him over to the court. He was charged on a six-count by the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC). It was for offences bordering on abuse of office and conferring undue advantage on himself and fraud offences.

Invariably, the new MD might end up the same way with presidator owing to the fact that he also has corrupt allegations still level against him. Only time will tell

Author: Nana Fatimah Yusuf

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