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Acting Career Of Kannywood Actress Jamila Nagudu

Acting career of Kannywood actress Jamila Nagudu. The beautiful actress is indeed a lover of her culture come rain,come shine. Jamila Nagudu is Hausa/Fulani by tribe. She is from Bauchi State of Northeastern part of Nigeria. The actress indeed has showned the world that she values her Hausa culture, through her mode of dressing. Jamila […]

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Kannywood Actress Zainab Indomie Latest Update

Kannywood actress Zainab Indomie latest updates. Where has Kannywood actress Zainab Indomie gone?. Beautiful kannywood actress Zainab Abdullahi,popularly called Zainab Idomie is one of the most celebrated actors in the Kannywood industry. Many People are inquisitive about Zainab Indomie latest updates. This isn’t far from her not being consistent in her acting career these past […]

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6 Surprising Couple Pictures

Below are six surprising pictures that will let you know that love has no boundaries. Love is a very interesting aspect of life. It doesn’t care how old or young,whether beautiful or ugly. It just comes as a feeling in the heart. You would never know the sweetness of life until you fell in love. […]