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Gunmen Storm Fed Govt College Yauri and Kidnapped Students

So Sad as Gunmen Storm Federal Government College Yauri, Kebbi State and kidnapped Students. The unknown men are believed to be bandits terrorising the region. It was a sad day for the students of Federal College of Education Yawuri, after some unknown gunmen kidnapped their students in day broad light. This is really pathetic. What […]

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Corrupt Criminal Elements are Sending Me Death Threats-EFCC Boss

Corrupt criminal elements are sending me death threats says EFCC Boss. Abdulrasheed Bawa said some unknown people are trying to murder him.It was a revelations from the host mouth made by the EFCC Chairman. Abdulrasheed Bawa said some aggrieved criminal elements, are trying to take his life. According to Abdurasheed Bawa, he has been getting […]

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Love in the Air As Sahabi Madugu of Kwana Casa’in Weds

Love in air as Sahabi Madugu of Kwana Casa’in weds His Hearthrob. It was memorable moment for Kwana Casa’in actor Sahabi as he conducts his wedding solemnization. The indisputable and Incorruptible journalist of kwana Casa’in becomes the newest bridegroom in Kannywood film industry. The good news was made public by Kannywood celebrities. Kannywood celebrities was […]