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Breaking: Army Finally Dismisses 137 Soldiers of 135 Battalion

Breaking: Nigerian has Army finally Dismisses 137 soldiers of 135 battalion. The soldiers used to be camped at the Gubio road, Super Camp. It was a sad day to remembered. On the 6th March 2021, the  Nigerian Army bluntly dismissed a whooping 137 soldiers from the Army. They were charged for missing in action.

The Army had earlier on denied claims of the dismissal. It has denied rumours about soldiers leaving the battlefield beci of lack of sophisticated weapons to fight Boko Haram. It even stated that the rumours was instigated to demoralised and tarnished the psyche of the gallant troops, who were actively fighting at the battlefield.

We now know the Genesis of the rumours. It was about the dismissal that was about to take place. Finally the Army has decided to dismissed soldiers fighting on the battlefield.

Well nothing hides forever. The truth has finally been revealed. According to Sahara News Watch correspondent in Maiduguri, he confirmed that the Nigerian Army lied about the matter. Sahara News Correspondent Abatcha Mohammed, said he was opportuned to speak with about 70 of the dismissed soldiers and they all confirmed the dismissal.

The dismissed soldiers even explained how it happened. According to the dismissed soldiers, they were called for a parade. And were asked to summit all military hardwares and equipment at their disposal. They were therein, subsequently dismissed just like that. Their bank accounts however, would also be freezed according to our source.

The dismissal was said to be due to the attack that happened on 14th of February 2021. The GOC of the command Major General, Y Ibrahim said he wasn’t happy at the way the 135 Battalion soldiers  handled the attacked by the Boko Haram. The GOC then promised to dismissed all the soldiers. Suprisingly, he fulfilled his promise.

The dismissed soldiers on the other hand, explained how they had reoccurring attacks of Boko Haram of recently. The first attack was on the 10th of January, then on the 15th of January there was another attack . The third was the one that happened on the 14th of February.

The dismissed soldiers further lamented on how they fought gallantly, until they ran out of ammunition and were dislodged. They later reassembled, but the GOC had already taken the hard decision to dismissed them all.

This is really sad and unethical of the GOC to dismissed a large amount of soldiers just because they were dislodged by Boko Haram who had better ammunition. The Army would have considered its lapses of not bringing them a backup. Either by bringing in more Army or the Air Force.

Most of the soldiers dimissed had already reached their State of origins as we speak now. We hope the Nigerian President would look up into the matter and temper justice with mercy and reinstate them Back. We are in an era of insecurity. We don’t want to have another Boko Haram emerging. This time, with well trained and sophisticated manpower.

The dismissed soldiers deserved more from the Nigerian Army. They had fought gallantly for years, defending the integrity of the Nigerian State. It would be sad to send them back to the street. The punishment was too stiff,harsh and hard on them. There is no way the innocent,the guilty and not guilty soldiers be given the same punishment. #reinstate our soldiers back#.

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