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Kannywood Actor Ali Nuhu Acting Career Age and Family

Ali Nuhu

Kannywood actor Ali Nuhu acting career,age and family. The indisputable Nigerian actor Ali Nuhu is also called the King of Kannywood. Due to the tremendous contributions he has made, in more than his 21 years of being in the industry.

See Many Skills of Ali Nuhu

Firstly, Ali Nuhu is an actor and director. He is indeed a name to be reckoned with in the film industry. Ali Nuhu isnt a selfish person at all. He was the one that introduced many new actors to Kannywood. The Hausa actor does that by giving each upcoming actress the opportunity to excel. Ali Nuhu does this by recruiting as many new actors as he can.

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Amongst the actors which are the likes of Adam AZango,Jamila Nagudu, Rahmah Sadau,Aisha Tsamiya and many others. LAll the new hands Ali Nuhu brought into the film industry have now created their own niche. They are also amongst the most successful in the Kannywood Hausa film industry.



Checkout More Changes Ali Nuhu Brought Into Kannywood Industry

In addition to that, Ali Nuhu has also made a lot of changes in quality production. Mal Nuhu improved the storyline setup in scripts writing. Furthermore, he also introduced modern gadgets and equipments for a production of qualitative films.

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Ali Nuhu and Wife Maimuna

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Ali Nuhu Acting Career

Ali Nuhu started his acting career in 1999. This is closed to 22 years ago. Ali Nuhu has gone down to be amongst the most celebrated actors in Kannywood.

Ali Nuhu is still relevant ,strong and doing what he knows best. Ali Nuhu has featured and directed hundreds of films among which are Sangaya Abaya, Ali, Al Kebba, Ambato, Dakin Amarya, Gambiza,Zuwa da kai,Masu Aji and many others.

Age Of Ali Nuhu

The handsome ever young actor, Ali Nuhu was born on the 15th of March 1974. He is 51 years old. Ali Nuhu’s parents are Mr and Mrs Nuhu Paloma. Ali Nuhu ‘s father is an indigene of Gombe State. The actor is mostly called baby face. Due to his ever young facial features. Ali Nuhu has a clean skin tone, which he has maintained all through his career.

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Ali Nuhu has worn

1. City People Recognition Award 2016,2017.

2.The Headies Reputation Awards

3. City People Movie Award for face Of Kannywood 2017

4.Best Kannywood Director Of The Year and many others.

Family Life


Ali Nuhu is a family man. Ali Nuhu got married in 2003 to Maimuna Garba Ja Abdulkadir. He has two two children. Fatimah and Ahmad Nuhu who are both in their teenage ages. Actors marriages don’t last long. But for Ali Nuhu, it is a remarkable journey. This is because he has remained steadfast and truthful. Meanwhile, even fellow actors agreed that Ali Nuhu doesn’t mix pleasure with work. He doesn’t combine the two together.

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Maimuna Abdulkadir Garba Ja has been a supportive wife. As its said that for every successful man there must be a good supporting woman behind indeed, Maimuna Abdulkadir has shun all gossips and rumours about her husband. She stood firm behind her husband. This is inorder for Ali Nuhu to achieve his objectives and all aspirations.

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