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Biography Career and Pictures of Fatima Ali Nuhu

Fatima Ali Nuhu

Biography Career and pictures of Fatima Ali Nuhu. The beautiful young fashion designer is a beautiful to reckoned with. Fatima Ali Nuhu is brand ambassador and also social influencer. She has more 76000 followers on her Instagram page. Follow us we unveil her biography and lifestyles.

Biography Of Fatima Ali Nuhu

Fatima Ali Nuhu is the first daughter of Kannywood actor Ali Nuhu. The beautiful teenager was born at Kano State on the 13th of January 2004. Fatima Ali Nuhu is presently 18 years of age.

Fatima Ali Nuhu did her Primary education at Kano State. She then proceeded to Yandutse College for Secondary education. Fatima Ali Nuhu graduated last year 2021. Infact, father was their to support her in the day of her graduation.

Biography Career and Pictures of Fatima Ali Nuhu

Acting Career of Fatima Ali Nuhu

Fatima Ali Nuhu was amongst the few actors who started acting at the very tender age of five years old. She was influenced by her father.

Ali Nuhu encouraged Fatima to take up acting alongside her junior brother, Ahmad. Interestingly, the two siblings have different careers at heart. They have since followed their passion. Fatima and Ahmad Nuhu are doing extremely well in their individual careers.

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Career of Fatimah Ali Nuhu

Fatima Ali Nuhu left acting and have since concentrated on Fashion and designing. The beautiful daughter of Hausa actor Ali Nuhu decided to follow her passion.  Good for Fatima as her parents are her backbone. They fully supported her. Although some observers have argued her intention. They agreed that the reason Fatima Ali Nuhu left Hausa film acting was because her father.

According to their assertions, her father had featured in film with many teenagers. And so doesn’t want his daughter to face a similar experience. Well all these are hear says since Fatima nor her father had openly agreed to the hear says.


Fashion and Designing is amongst the most lucrative profession in the world. We live in a world that most people are fashion conscious. Therefore, we want what is trending and in vogue.

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Why Fashion and Designing is The Best Career Fatima Ali Nuhu Had Choosen

Every person wants to look good in our different ways. Fashion and designing is a diverse profession. It has different categories and aspects. Indeed Miss Fatima had Choosen the best career with prospects.

Fatima Ali Nuhu is naturally endowed with a beautiful physique. She is also black in complexion. Fatima has a shiny untainted complexion. We selected her latest pictures for your entertainment. Checkout some beautiful pictures of Fatima Ali Nuhu Below.

Is Fatima Ali Nuhu Hamisu Breaker’s girlfriend

There had been rumours making rounds that Fatima Ali Nuhu is going out with Hamisu Breaker. The rumours were so strong that marriage was said to be in progress. At that period in time, Fatima was still pursuing her secondary education. This brings us to the fact that Ali Nuhu will not marry out his daughter without Faitma completing her secondary education. Even Fatima and Hamisu Breaker had vehemently denied the rumour.

So it can be concluded that the rumours are baseless. The beautiful fashionista is still single. Fatima is still pursuing her University education to better her life. No marriage bells anytime soon.

Latest Birthday pictures of Fatima Ali Nuhu

Latest Stunning Pictures of Fatima Ali Nuhu

Fatima Ali Nuhu and Family

Follow us for more our latest updates. Which film did you first knew Fatima Ali Nuhu With?Do you think she has Choosen the right path by embracing fashion and designing. Share your views by commenting below. Don’t forget to like and share the article to increase our reach..

Birthday Pictures of Fatima Ali Nuhu


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