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Biography and Musical Career of Hausa R and B Singer Fatima Salisu

Fatima Salisu (Sal Fateetee)

Biography and musical career of R and B singer Fatima Salisu. The young woman is an upcoming Hausa musician. Fatima Salisu has one of the most beautiful filtered voice in the Hausa music industry.

The artist goes with the stage name “Sal Fateetee” Fatima has a magical voice. When she sings, the melody that comes out of her voice is so angelic. She would be seen for a long time in the Nigerian music industry.


Fatima Salisu was born in Dutsima Katsina State in the year 1994. She did her Primary education in Dutsima. She then proceeded for her secondary education all in Urul Albab in Dutsima, Katsina State.


The death of Fatima’s mother cut short her studies. Fatima had leave Katsina State. She later finished her secondary in Abuja. Fatima is also a graduate of the most prestigious University in the North, ABU Zaria.

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Setting Boundaries

After Fatima Salisu parent approval to joined the musical industry, boundaries were set for her. She was advised strongly to sing only songs that are entertaing, educative and carries a strong message. That can better the lives of others.

Musical Career of Fatima Salisu

Fatima Salisu had the passion for singing from childhood. She used to immitate many musicians. But cultural, religious and social factors made her parents declined her request to become a musician. Fatima was still determined and was conducting shows in school and many people love her voice.


When did Fatima Became a musician?

Fatima Salisu became a musician after the completion of her studies. She started as an English R and B Musician 2018. In 2019, she met with Ali Gita and did a cover up for his song. After the incident, she decided to changed her songs to Hausa.

Singles and Albums of Fatima Salisu

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Fatima Salisu had written and sang many songs to her credit. Amongst which are Hold Me Down, Soyayya Ba Karya, Ka Soni In So ka, Hold You Down, Arewa and many more beautiful songs.

Musical Collaboration With Hausa Artist

Fatima Salisu has sand with Ali Jita. But hoping to sing Hamisu Breaker, Davido, Umar M Shareef and Namenj.

Fatima Salisu Role Models

Fatima Salisu says her role models are TY Savage and Dja. They defined what womanhood is also about. They are also trying to excel and better their lives

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Fatima Salisu is still single and searching. But she made a revelation. Fatima explained that when she gets married, she hopes to continue her musical career. That is if her husband permits her. But if is against it she will quit.

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