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Biography Acting Career of Kannywood Actress Maryam Malika

Maryam Mohammed Malika

Maryam Malika is one of the upcoming actresses in Kannywood film industry. According to Maryam Mohammed Malika, people mostly see her as a very troublesome woman. Fans attribute the characters she plays in most of her films as part of her lifestyle. More details below

Biography of Maryam Mohammed Malika

The actress was born Maryam Muhammed. But later adopted the name Malika. Due to a character she played in the film Malika. Miss Muhmmed was born and brought up in Kaduna State. Maryam Malika did her Primary education in Kaduna. She later proceeded for her Secondary education in the same State.


Why People Call Troublesome-Maryam Malika

The actress further mentioned that in the past she had heard people saying alot about. Maryam continued by saying that fans said that by mere looking at her, she resembles a troublesome person.

Maryam added by saying that she has no aflfiation with the characters she plays. According to her, films are not reality. But they are made to entertain and also educate people about life happening. In which Maryam said it includes our lifestyles.

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Acting Career of Maryam Malika

Maryam Malika joined the Kannywood industry in 2010. eleven years along the lane and it was a magnificent journey for the actress. The film that brought her to prominence was Wasila. But the one she madedebut in Malika. A film that showcases the life of a promiscuous woman. Maryam Malika said the reason that stirred her interest to become an actress was based on three things.

I Became an Actress Because of 3 Basic Things

Miss Muhammed mentioned that the reason she became an was because it is educating, enlighting and entertaining. These three basic made her to joined the entertaiment industry. In order to contribute her own quota to human development and enlightment.

Furthermore, Maryam Malika came into Kannywood through Director, actor and producer Ali Nuhu. The actor was the one that signed her into his own label and company.

The beautiful has so far featured in Malika, Wasila, Soyayyar Facebook, Addon Gari, Da ace Ba Zuciya, Na Gani Ina So and many more. blockbuster films. Maryam Malika says there people she looks into as friends. These Some her friends include, Bilkisu Shema and Fati S.U. See Maryam Malika’s Filmography below.

Filmography of Maryam Malika

Since 2010 Maryam Malika has featured in closed to 50 films. Checkout some of her most prominent and notable films below.

1. Wasila

2. Malika


4. Mallakam Miji

5.Addon Gari

7. Da A Ce Babu Zuciya

8.Dan Sidi

9. Na Gani Ina So

10. Mallakar Miji

11. Gargada

12. Gidan Chief

13 Bakar Kawa

14. Dan Gaye

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Love Life, Marriage and Children

Miss Malika stated that she was once in love. And even got married to the man of her. It was her first boyfriend and love. Maryam stated that she was happy because he came to her and proposed marriage. The marriage hit the rock and didn’t stand the taste of time. The union was fruitful and is blessed with 3 children. She is so far co-parenting with her former spouse.

Maryam Mohammed Malika and Her Children

Food Snacks and Likes

Maryam Malika loves plain white rice and dry pepper sauce. In addition to that, Maryam Malika says she likes Sharwamma for snacks. Maryam also like people that mind their business and hate those that pognosed into other people’s life.

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Is Maryam Malika Dead

Recently, rumours going round had it Maryam Malika was dead. In fact the perpetrators of the rumour even tagged her picture with Rest in Peace symbol. The actress had so far came out debunked all the rumours and to set the table straight. See picture below.

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Miss Malika came out through her social media handles to tell fans that the rumours were fabricated and mischievous. She continued by saying that she is hale and hearty. And that those wishing her dead should wait for her time to come. Hence Maryam said if dead comes, she can’t stop it. But until then she advised those passing the fake news to stop.

Maryam Malika Pictured Wearing Green and White During Nigeria’s Independence Day

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