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Biography Achievements and Educational Background of Late Sheik Abani Zaria

Albani Zaria

Biography Achievements and Educational Background of Late Sheik Abani Zaria. The late renowned Islamic scholar set a standard in Islamic studies, Jurisprudence and preaching. Although he was killed by unknown gunmen believed to be terrorist, his legacies lives. Follow us as we unveiled his biography and more.

Biography of Late Sheik Albani Zaria

Late Sheik Albani Zaria was a reknowed Islamic schoolar, computer expert and lecturer. He was born Muhammad Auwal Adam on the 27th of September 1960. Albani is from the Hausa/Fulani ethnicity of Nigeria. Furthermore, Albani Zaria died on the 1st of February 2014. He was 54 years old. He was murdered alongside wife and children in cold blood. Albani was a Muslim and belongs to the Sunni/Salafiy denomination.

How Albani Zaria Died

Late Albani Zaria was on his way to his private owned school when he was murdered. Some unknown gunmen opened fire to his car and killed all the passengers in the vehicle. Unfortunately, it was a family matter. As almost a whole family was wiped.

The killers were believed to be members of the Boko Haram sect. Albani Zaria was fond of creating awareness of the evil activities of the Boko Haram. His preaching didn’t go well with their ideology. Unfortunately, up to date the actual killers are yet to be arrested. It has remained a mistery unsolved.

What is Albani Zaria’s Occupation

Albani Zaria was very a educated and enlightened man. He had many degrees in different fields. According to research carried out by Sahara News, he is a certified Muhaddith, Da’awah, teaching, & ICT

Profession and Skills

Abani Zaria acquired a lot of profession s and skills. He was Jack of all trait and master of all. It is so sad that all these went down drain due to him being killed. Let’s look at some of Albani’s skills and profession acquired.

1. Islamic Scholar

2.Certified Tailor


4. Certified A+ / A plus professional

5. Certified N+ / N plus professional

6. Certified computer networking

7. Cechnician by NIIT, Certified

8. Computer repairing and Maintainance technician by NIIT

9. Certified Microsoft Engineer by Microsoft company of America

10. Computer Scientist, Telecomunication Engineer & Information and communication technologist.

Awards of Albani Zaria

Sheik Albani Zaria was awarded many awards. Amongst which is the Sheikh Abubakar Mahmud Gumi prize. Hence, The Islamic scholar was given the award at the Gaddafi’s special intervention programme on
Arabic literature in BUK 1985.

Educational Achievement Awards of Albani Zaria

1. First School leaving certificate.

2. Secondary School Leaving Certificate.

3. Certificate in Library Science.

4Diploma in Hausa Language (BUK).

5. Diploma in islamic Shari’a Law (ABU), Diploma in mass communication (UNIJOS).

6. Diploma in computer Science (FUT YOLA).

7. BA Islamic Studies (BUK).

8. MA Islamic Studies (affiliation of Libya university on Gaddafi’s special intervention programme in BUK 1985)BSC information and Communication Tchnology (FUT YOLA).

9. MSc Telecommunication Engineering (Digital Bridge University).

10. A+/ A plus Certificate with distinction grade, N+/ N Plus Certificate with distinction grade.

11. MCSE Certificate with distinction grade.

12. Linux Certificate with distinction grade.

13. MCSA Certificate with distinction grade.

14. MCP Certificate with distinction grade.

15. MCT Certificate with distinction grade.

16. CCNA Certificate with distinction grade.

Scholars That Influnced Sheik Albani

1. Muhammad Nasiruddenil Albani.

2. Sheikh Abubakar Mahmud Gumi, Sheikh Abdulazeez Bn Bazz.

3. Uthaimin, Fauzanul Fauzan.

4. Ibn Taymiyyah & Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab.

5. Uthman bn Fodiyo, imamuzZahabi.

1. Sheikh Musa Sahabi ( Director Markazus Salafiyyah Zaria).

2.Sheikh Auwal Abubakar Mai Shago (Director Daruul Hadeethis Salafiyyah Magume Zaria).

3. Professor AbdulRafiu AbdulGaniyu (Director Daruul Hadeethis Salafiyyah

4. Gaskiya Layout Zaria) Professor Salihu Lukman (HOD {ME, CE, CHE] at University of Hafr Al-Batin Madina).

4. Dr Kabir Asgar (Lecturer at the department of Arabic.

5. Ahmadu Bello University Zaria).

6. Mallam Abubakar Hamza (Lecturer at Federal University Of Science and technology Dutsinma And at the same time the chief Imam of d University’s Central Mosque).

These People Were also Influnced By Albani Zaria

7. Dr. Jamilu (Pharmacist by proffession), Sheikh Musa Minshawiy (Masters student at the Dept of Arabic ABU Zaria).

10. Sheikh Dawuduz Zahiri (BOT Member DHSN).

11. Sheikh Umar Abubakar Mustapha (Assistant Chief Imam Darul Hadeethis Salafiyyah Mosque).

12.:Ustaz Auwal Muhammad (Chief Librarian DHSN).

14. Ustaz Abdullahi Muhammad Auwal Almadeeniy.( Undergraduate Student, Faculty of Hadeeth.

More People and That Albani Were Influnced By Albani

15 International Islamic University of Madina).

16. Ustaz Salisu Abubakar ( Undergraduate Student Faculty Of Shari’a International Islamic University of Madina).

16.:Sheikh Muhammad Auwal Adam Mai hula Gombe

18. Sheikh Albaniyn Gombe (Chief Imam Miyetti Allah Jumu’at Mosque Gombe).

19. Barrister Abubakar Hussain.

20. Mallam shu’aibu Imamudda’wa (Principal Albaniy International Science Academy, male section).

21. Mal. Bello Nakaka (BSc Physics with Electronics), Mal. Muhammad Sheethu (BSc Physics with Electronics).

22. Mal. Abdulwahid Jimoh (BEng Civil Engineering).

23. Mal. Abdussalam Ibrahim (BSc Biology/Chemistry) Mal. Abdussalam Jimoh (BEng Civil Engineering).

24. Mal. Abdulwaasi’i Abdirrahmaan (BEng Chemical Engineering).

26. Mal. Bello Aliyu (BSc Geography).

27. Mal. Adam Babanba (BSc Economics) Mal. Sani Naasir Abaji (BA Humanities.

28.:Mal. Auwal Abubakar Maikudi (Bsc Mathematics.

29. Mal. Bukhaariy (Msc. Agriculture).

30. Mal. Abubakar Suleiman (BEng Computer Engineering) Musa Alhaji Umar (BA Arabic Language) Shu’aibu Badamasi Musa (BA ISS), Khaamis bin Umar (BA ISS), Malam Yahya Aliyyu (BA Arabic (ABU)).

31. Indigineous Islamic teachers; Mal Mato, Alarama Mallam Abubakar, Dr Aminuddeen Abubakar Kano (RH), Mallam Sani Yakubu Zaria, Mallam Shehu Umar, Alkali Mallam Haruna Ishaq Zaria.

Non Indigenous Islamic Scholars Influenced By Albani

1. Dr Muhammad Amin Of Al-jami’atul Islamiyya Madina.

2. Sheikh Muhammad Salih Uthaimin.

3 Addoktur Assuhaimi Of Aljami’atul Islamiyyah Madina Kulliyatud da’awa wa Usuluddeen.

4. Professor Ali Nasir Al-Faqihi Of Al- jami’atul islamiyya madina Kulliyatud-Da’a wa wa usuliddeen.

4. Sheik Tuwaijiri (who was once a lecturer at Daruul-Hadeethisil Khairiyya Saudiyya).

5. Ash-Sheikh Zarban Al- gamidy (Former Bursar Al-jami’atul Islamiyyah Madina.

6. Ash-Sheikh Abdullahi Bin AbdulRahman Alu Bassam ( Author of the book taysirul Allam).

7. Professor Samir (Student Of Sheikh Nasiruddeen Albani).

8. Ash-Sheikh Muhammad ibn Ali ibn Adam Al Ethiopy, Author of the new commentary book of Saheehu Muslim).

9. Ash-shaiykh Mashhoor Hasan Alu Salman Abu Ubaidah (A Student Of Sheikh Muhammad Nasirudden Albaniy).

10. Ash-shaiykh Aliy Hasan Ali Abdulhameed Al-Athariy (A Student Of Nasiruddeen Nasiruddeen Albaniy).

11. Ash-shaiykh Muslih Al-harithiy.

12. Ash-shaiykh Sulayman Ar-Ruhaili, Ash-shaiykh Abdulmuhsin Al- Abbad Al- Badr.

13. Ash-Shaikh Hammad Al-Ansariy.

14. Ash-shaiykh AbdulAzeez Bin Baaz.

15, Ash-shaiykh Muhammad bn Ma’dar Az- Zahraaniy Rahimahullaah.

Lastly, Albani Zaria would be remembered by his good works always. Although he died. But his works remains fresh in the memories of those searching for quality Islamic Knowledge. May Jannatil Firdausi be his final abode.

What are your views?Are you a fan of Albani Zaria,Did you come across his works and which one fanscinated you the most?Share your views by commenting below. Don’t forget to like us and share the article.

References and Pictures: Compilation of Engr. Abdullahi Hamisu. Abani Zaria Journals, Social Media Handles and Write-ups.

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