Bilkisu Shema Shares Love Up Pictures With Actor Zaharaddin Sani

Actors Bilkisu Shema and Zaharaddin Sani

Bilkisu Shema Shares love up pictures with actor Zaharaddin. Good girl turned bad, as Kannywood actress Bilkisu Shema shares beautiful love up pictures with Kannywood actor Zaharaddin Sani.

Bilkisu is amongst the most celebrated Kannywood Actresses in the film industry. The actress is young , beautiful and aspiring. Bilkisu Shema accounts for more than 1 million fans base on Facebook.

The actress recently took to her social media handle to share these sexy pictures of herself below. The pictures were revealing sensitive parts of her body. The pictures has generated trails of reactions from her fans.

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It’s like winning the most social active actress on social media has really gone hard on Bilkisu Shema’s brain. The actress has totally changed. Bilkisu Shema used to be very reserved and conservative.

Meet Kannywood Actrees Bilkisu Shema

Remember, Bilkisu Shema is highly respected in the Kannywood industry and also among her fans for being among the most decent,shy and respectful actresses.

The actress had been praised in the past, on several occasions across the northern part of Nigeria. This was for maintaining an exclusive decent form of lifestyle and dressing code.

Many of Bilkisu Shema’s fans were not happy. They took to her page and were begging her to have a retract of her new dressing code. The fans also urged her to go back to the simple minded woman they all new her to be.

Biography Of Bilkisu Shema Abdullahi and Latest Pictures

Well fame is good and it comes it alot of sacrifices. Bilkisu Shema should know that fans are important in celebrities life. They can promote or bring down an actor. Sometimes decency most be observed since she understands how conservative region relate.

Bilkisu Shema

It was surprising for Bilkisu Shema’s fans to see the kind of new dressing, the was now portraying. The clothing was too revealing according to them, her bodily features was showing. Many of her fans were taken offguard with her new lifestyle and felt really bad.

See the pictures below. What do you think about the latest pictures of Bilkisu Shema? Share your views by commenting. Like and follow us for more on entertainment news and more.

See Fans Reaction to the Pictures in Hausa Language

About the Northwestern part of Nigeria’s lifestyles and customs

The Northern part of Nigeria is known for its conservative nature. They mostly Muslims. Bilkisu Shema comes from the core Northwestern State of a state called Katsina. The home State of President Muhammadu Buhari.

Have You Seen Bilkisu Shema of Recent?See how she looks in her recent Pictures

Women in these States are expected to cover their bodies and wear Hijabs. This is because of religion and traditions of the region. Not observing such attributes is presumed to be the display of indecency.

Well we are wishing our beautiful actress, Bilkisu Shema the best of luck, as she pursues her vibrant career.

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