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Bilkisu Shema Biography Education Career Marriage Phone Number and Net Worth

Bilkisu Wada Shema

Bilkisu Shema Biography Education Career Marriage Phone Number and Net Worth. Actress Bilkisu Shema is amongst beautiful and successful actors at the Kannywood film industry. The beautiful actress to millions of followers on her social media handles. Infact, she given the award for the most social actress on social media. Follow us s we bring you Bilkisu Shema biography education career marriage phone number and net worth.

Who is Hausa actress Bilkisu Shema

Bilkisu Shema we born Bilkisu Wada Shema. The actress is from Katsina State. She was born on the 28th of July 1994. This makes her 28 years old as of 2022. The actress spent a considerable part of her life in Katsina State before relocating to Kano State. She grew up in a close knitted family in the midst of her siblings.

Educational background of Bilkisu Shema

The beautiful Hausa actress attended Isa Kaita Primary School in Katsina. After the completion of her primary education she then enrolled at Government Girls Secondary School Dutsin Ma. The actress successfully acquired her Senior Secondary School Certificate in Education in flying colours. Although the actress didn’t further her education. She hinted that she has plans to further her education in the future.

Furthermore, the actress had stated in the past that her family are mostly educationists. So, Bilkisu continued by saying that furthering her education is one of her priorities in life.

Acting Career of Bilkisu Shema

The Hausa actress had the passion for acting since from childhood. Bilkisu According to Bilkisu joined the Kannywood film industry in 2015. Shema’s acting skills can be dated back to her Primary school days. This was because she was a member of her school drama clubs. Infact, Shema had participated in school dramas organised by her school drama clubs.

Furthermore, Shena maintained that she took her skills to her Secondary School. Since she was also part of the dram clubs and literature dramas. In addition to that, Bilkisu also loved to watch Indian and Chinese dramas. When Kannywood came on board, she promised to join the entertainment industry. True to the actress words, she became an actress and a successful one too.

The Film That Brought Bilkisu Shema to Limelight

Shema first film was “Tabbataccen A’amari”. The actress put in her best acting skills in the film. Infact, it won her the heart of her producers and fans. Since then she rose to stardom and became a public figure. Bilkisu is now amongst the most loved and talented Hausa actors in Kannywood.

Filmography of Bilkisu Shena

Bilkisu Shema had featured in closed to a hundred films. Amongst the most notable films Shema had featured include Makashin Mata, Barauniya, Mujadala. She has also featured in films like Dan Saurayi, Sallamar So, Dawood, Ranar e.t.c.

Furthermore, Bilkisu was supposed to be amongst the cast of Mansoor. But she wasn’t able to audition for it Good news as her absence pave way for actress Maryam Yahaya to be replaced in her role. Maryam Yahaya is also doing well. She is now young upcoming actress at the Hausa entertainment industry.

All you need to know about Bulkisu Wada Shema

Marriage and Children

Unlike most Kannywood actors, Bilkisu Shema was never married. She also doesn’t have any children. The actress is still single and searching. Shema had stated in some of her past interviews that she is opened to marriage. The actress stated that she admire religious, patient,kind and generous men.

Phone Numbers

Bilkisu Shena has phone numbers but only accessible to her family, friends and close acquaintances. But, she is accessible on all her social media handles. Remember, she worn the most social actress on social media in 2020. So if you need to speak with Shema send her a direct message on her social media handles. She will reply after sometime. This is because of her busy schedules.

Net Worth

Bilkisu Shema is estimated to be worth around $100,000-$150,000. This was estimated through her numerous businesses ND also acting roles. Wishing the actress the best she wished herself. Bilkisu is still young and aspiring. Hoping to be seeing more of her good works in the future.

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