BBNG: Week 7 Diary Session and Latest Updates of Housemates

Saga, Queen, Whitemoney and Saga

BBNG:Week 7 Diary session and latest updates of housemates. The voting for week 7 is closed. Some housemates would be going home. The housemates are having a wonderful time completing theirs tasks and also winning win. Sadly, on Sunday, it might be end of the road for some contestants.

The Diary session is where the housemates get to talk to Biggie about their thoughts, hopes and concerns for the week. The Diary sessions are on. Here’s what your faves have to say to Biggie.

“My highlight was giving Saskay flowers.” says Jaypaul. Well is in the air. They say one man’s poison is another man’s meat. Since cross has denounced his relationship with Saskay, Jaypaul is trying his hands. And he does it romantically by giving out some sweet flowers.

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“The situationship with him has gotten out of hand because I didn’t want it” stated Saskay. Well it seems Saskay too wants to move on with her life away from Cross. This is because she mentioned that she cannot continue to contain the behaviour of cross.

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“The pet helps me cope with the loneliness in the House” added Angel. Our beautiful lady says since the eviction of friends, she has been lonely. Thanks to her goldfish pet, she was able to stay with and occupied. Since she talks to him and tells her worries.

“With Nini it seems like we have been friends for years” says Saga. Whether True love or also playing the script to remained relevant, Saga seems to be lost in a fantasy world. He confessed that meeting with Nini means alot. She seems to be a friend he has known for ages.

“I am very close right now with Nini, Saga and Whitemoney. I think they would come through for me” Queen confessed. Good times ahead.

“I’m good because we are going to have a jacuzzi party today and dance like there’s no tomorrow.” stated Liquorose. Sh ehas no problem except the upcoming party. Well life meant to be enjoyed.

“I only got to speak to my pet once when I was eating. I’ll try to sing to her soon’ adde Whitemoney. Well singing is spiritual and cools the heart

“Pere is starting to grow on me, I think he is supercool” confessed Cross. Friends forever. True friends are our backbones.

“I think Yousef will have my back, we have high regard and respect for each other.” says Pere. He is beginning to have respect for others now.

“If I could get a pet, I would get a puppy. They are cute and it’s amazing how much love they need. I think it’s part of my nurturing side since I’m a mother ” Jackie B said. Thumbs up for the mothers. It’s not easy grooming a child to adulthood.

Latest Updates From Big Brother Niger House

1. Whitemoney and Queen Patch Up Their Differences

Whitemoney and Queen are trying to patch up their differences. Remember, she recently confronted Whitemoney for disclosing his conversation with her. Queen who is vent making Whitemoney her friend is becoming jealous of his relationship with Jackie B. She feels he loves Jackie B.

Queen has earlier on engaged Whitemoney into a kissing spree. She convinced Whitemoney to kiss her. This was because she mentioned that she was down and Moody and needed a kiss to revived her. Queen got her wish bit is becoming jealous of Whitemoney’s past relationship.

Good news as Queen has apologised to Whitemoney for her attitude towards him the past few days. She says she did not understand the nature of his relationship with Jackie B hence her recent outbursts.

2. Pere and Queen Are Not Playing Games

Sometimes people don’t seems to be interested in anything. And that’s the mood of Queen and Pere when they refused to play games with their fellow housemates. they might have been lost in their own thoughts.

Even when Nini noticed the situation, she tries to ginger them to participate. But her efforts were fruitless as they declined her offer.

Pere and Cross Reveal What American Ladies Do When They Speak British English

The battle of the accents continues but this time around, we learned that American ladies love it when Pere speaks British. Well exactly people love foreign languages. Even we Africans we tend to immitate the Americans in their accents.

Housemates Were Craving For Pounded Yam

Pounded Yam was the order of the day. Nini prepared it and then Whitemoney showed her and Saga how to finish it off properly.All the housemates love the African delicacy. Pounded yam is a stable food in the South and Eastern part of Nigeria.

Biggie Brings a Surprise For Housemates

Pictures tells us story either good or bad. Biggie is trying to create a rememberence for housemates. He created a picture gallery for all evicted housemates. So that the remaining ones can be updates on Big Brother Niger.

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