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BBNG Week 8: Nominations and Why Two Housemates Were Evicted

Pictures Courtesy of BBNG

BBNG Week 8: Nominations and Why Two Housemates Evicted. The game is becoming tough and housemates are desperately looking for a strategy to clinched the 90 million grand prize.

Some housemates have been nominated for evictions. These include Youseuf, Emmanuel ,Saskay, Cross, and Angel. Only the voters votes will save them

Who Nominated Who For Eviction

Firstly, Pere Nominated Angel for nomination because she is very lackadaisical, somewhat lazy. According to him, she doesn’t like to do house chores and makes the activities to be slowed . As for Nini, Saga had to choose someone. He was no reason. Somebody just had to be number two.

Secondly, Cross Nominated Whitemoney and Nini for no particular reason. To him, it was just a game. Well that has gathered so much bad blood for cross. This was because Nini after becoming second in the house game replaced herself with him. Double trouble for cross as he is also up for eviction.

Thirdly, Angel the baddest girl nominated Saga and Emmanuel because she wasn’t close with them. It might be end of the road for Angel because fans are presently angry with her for showing her nakedness to the world on national TV. They agreed that decency must be observed and practice at the Big Brother Niger House.

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Even with Angel’s mother making a video and post about her daughter’s mistake, it was not enough to cool down tension arising from her immorality. Fans said Angel’s mother need to install home training unto her daughter. We don’t know if she might survive being evicted.

Yousef Nominated Liquorose and Cross because he wasn’t getting along with them the way he’d like. Well sometimes we need a positive energy around us. It wasn’t a bad decision then since Liquorose also nominated him too for possible eviction.

Liquorose on the other hand, had nominated Angel and Yousef because she has never Nominated them before. What a nomination. Maybe to be on a safer hands of their fans.

Saskay Nominated Yousef and Emmanuel because they weren’t up last week. Saskay the African beauty is also up for eviction and all the housemates she nominated are. What a coincidence.

But it seems Saskay is becoming lucky after winning Biggie’s bank NG task. The results favoured her. In which she won 1.5M naira

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First it was the result of Yousef and Angel. They were both tied in third place with a total of 100 points each. As a reward for their effort, they each will receive the sum of Five hundred thousand Naira.

Secondly, the housemates placed in the second position is Liquorose, with a total of 130 points. The reward for this effort is Seven hundred and Fifty thousand Naira.

And finally, Saskay, who amassed a total of 150 points won the first place in the first position. She will be rewarded with the sum of One million, Five hundred thousand Naira.

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More About The Nominations By Housemates

Queen says her nominations was based on faith she has for the housemates. In her words, she said “I feel like Yousef will scale through. Saskay is strong and intelligent and I see her as strong competition in here says Queen after she nominated Yousef and Saskay.

Queen is safe this week because Whitemoney nominated her as the deputy head of house. She will be safe this week. But won’t be sure if by next week she would be picked up for to eviction.

Emmanuel really has no reason for Nominating Saskay and Pere. Pere is safe for now. Infact his fans are forming an Army to deal with Emmanuel. Sadly for Saskay, she has been up for eviction for weeks now. But they said it was just part of the game. Some people must leave to pave way for others.

Nini just went alphabetically when picking Emmanuel and for Angel. This just was just a game for her. And also because she hasn’t been up except for the general Nomination.

According to Nini “It was out of sportsmanship, they weren’t up last week, now come be up,” Whitemoney on why he Nominated Yousef and Angel.

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What To Expect During Week 8 Eviction

Youseuf, Saskay and cross might scale through the eviction. But since Big Brother Niger is a game, anything can happen. We don’t know because the game might be changed by the nominations of fans. We would keep you posted on the latest outcomes of the eviction and who and who are scaling through to the semifinals and finals.

BBNG Latest: Why Saskay and Youseuf Were Evicted

Saskay and Yousef have been evicted from the BBNG shine your eyes show. It wasn’t surprising to see Saskay being evicted seeing how Biggie was gifting her with a lip glow. It seems he knew the results and was just being sympathetic towards her.
As for Yousef, just as he was becoming more engaging and entertaining, his stay was cut short. He did survive gracefully do 8 weeks. But it was time to go.

The two housemates had a great journey for 8 weeks. But it was time to go. Wishing them all the best in their future endeavors. We will keep you updated with their latest.

Why Saskay and Youseuf Were Evicted

Saskay and Yousef were evicted because they got the lowest votes from the viewers. Five housemates were initially up for eviction. Angel,Saskay, Emmanuel, Yousef and Cross. But it seems only Saskay and Youseuf are the only ones to leave the house seeing statistics of their voting. See percentage of vote below.

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