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BBNG S6: Mariya Sammie and JMK Evicted See How The Viewers Voted

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BNNG S6: Mariya, Sammie and JMK evicted, see how the viewers voted. It was one of the most suprising eviction when Ebuka announced that Maria and Sammie were leaving.

No one expected that coming. Since Maria was one of the most tactical and hopeful contestants. But it is a game and only the wise and most strategic stays in the house. Many were thinking Pere would leave. But here we are he stays.

See How Viewers voted

Voting isn’t just about the viewers but also the housemates. They get to choose who stays and who leaves. The viewers did their best to save Maria but the housemates prove contrary. Sammie wasn’t a threat to anyone but he had to leave and JMK too. See how the viewers voted for their favorite housemates.

See What The Housemates are saying

Liquorose is completely shaken by tonight’s Eviction, especially Maria leaving. Whitemoney and Yousef are on both flanks to comfort her.

Maria made her predictions for who she thought Nominated her but she was still surprised when she found out who they were.

BBNG S6: Week 8 Eviction See Who Nominated Who and Why

Sammie seemed to have predicted everyone who Nominated him, but he didn’t see Cross on his radar.

JMK isn’t exactly surprised by the Housemates that Nominated her. She knew it from the get-go.

She says she will miss her and Angel’s sisterhood, Whitemoney and his delicious food, plus Sammie and Cross.

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