BBNG S6 Finalists See Who Will Emerge as winner of the 90m

Liquorose Whitemoney and Pere

BBNG S6 finalist ,See who will emerge as winner of 90m grand prize. It can be said to br a very exciting moment at the big brother Niger house which later tuned to months. The contest started with 22 contestants. But more contestants were introduced into the house as the show went by.

Six finalist have emeged . Eviction upon eviction until we arrived at the final 6. This include Pere, Whitemoney, Angel,Liquorose, Emmanuel and Cross. There are many deliberations going on who would emerged as the winner of the unscripted reality show. Let’s look at the statistics of the contestants below.

1. Whitemoney

Whitemoney’s journey was amazing. From week one up to the final days. He has been termed as Mr do good. He cooks for the housemates and maintained a positive atmosphere.

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Although some of the housemates believed he was just being pretendious and assuming a character which he isn’t, but that didn’t deterred him. Well his character fits him well as he is being celebrated for being a good person and as one of the housemates with the highest statistics. His name Whitemoney is surely a label.

In addition to that, Whitemoney has one of the most amazing and talkative fans. They are spread all over. From Nigeria to South Africa. Infact in many other countries that Big Brother Niger House is being aired.

BBNG it is not just about having a massive fans and supporters. It is also about voting. We hope the fans will vote for him to clinched the final prize. Whitemoney is likely to emerge as the winner.

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2. General Pere

General Pere as he is being called after he won the the earliest Head of House. Pere has an amazing personality. I think he is one amongst the contestants that has been natural. Pere also have an amazing personality He argued when he is offended. And reciprocate when a kind gesture is accorded to him.

The handsome BBNG finalist was once in an altercation with Whitemoney which brought a lot of bad blood towards him. Though they have resolved their differences and are now friends.

Pere was almost evicted after he got the highest votes on those put on eviction. But was still taken to the white room to play the Double Jeopardy game with Angel. He was later brought back to the house by biggie alongside Angel. Making a final 6 instead of 5. Pere is a hopeful winner and might emerge as one come Sunday.

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Even when Queen and Saga offended him, he was matured to maintain his cool and forgive them. We saw the soft part of pere. He symbolizes a man of great personality.

Pere is might be ther winner due to this qualities mentioned. He indeed has massive support from celebrities and Nigerians. Nobody knows whether he will win or not. But there are great hopes that his fans will be there to vote him. Many believe it is going to be a close contest between Whitemoney, Liquorose and Pere. They are considered to be the top 3.

3. Angel

Angel claims to be the youngest in the house. She is 21 years old. Many fans don’t agree with her age. Seeing her matured bodily features that looks like a 30 year old. Nevertheless Angel is talented but rebellious. You can blame her due to her age. Angel has her own strategy in the house and is working for her. It wasn’t surprising to come this far up to the finals.

Furthermore, Angel likes to wear revealing clothes which earned her a massive recognition and fans. In addition to that, she has been into trouble with almost all the housemates. Many young people are her fans. Apart from her dressing code, she is indeed a role model for the younger generation.

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The A21 supporters agreed that she deserves to win because of her resilience. Another reason is because she represent the younger generation. If the younger generation rally for her, she might emerged victorious and winner.

Angel might win the race if her fans do a great job by voting her. The A 21 gangs are ready to make her emerge as the winner.The votes will determine the winner. So Angel is one of the hopefuls.

4. Liquorose

Liquarose is a winner. Her beauty,name and personality is winning but for her. She has stand out and had been lucky with evictions. The Beauty Queen is a fighter and had made her go this far. Liquorose is a very intelligent woman and has won many tasks in the house. She is a woman to watch for the 90 million grand prize. She might emerge as the winner.

Liquorose will have been the only woman standing if Angel was not brought backto the house. Statistics has shown she is amongst the top three. Liquorose accounts for a massive fan base. We await to see if she wins.

5. Cross

Cross is amongst the most handsome housemates. He is energetic and also a lover boy. He was able to use his love strategy to gain massive fans. Cross is into the finals and might emerge as the winner of the 90m. Luck has been on his side. Gradually he has walked into the finals. This is a plus for him. We wish him the best of luck.

6. Emmanuel

Emmanuel is the luckiest. Henis popularly called Mr Immaculate. He came later in the house and had gone this far. Emmanuel never won the Head of House game until the last week. He was lucky not to be placed on eviction for 3 weeks now. So it was natural that he was able to scale through to the finals. He never won the Head of house until the final week.

Furthermore, Emmanuel can be best described as the person who had the best journey so far. His amongst the last six housemates standing and might be lucky to the end who knows?. Only the votes of fans will determine the winner. We await to see the final results.

In conclusion, all the final 6 contestants are winners. They went this far because of their uniqueness and winning traits. But one must emerge as the winner of the reality show. We have reviewed their possibilities. It’s now left for viewers and fans to make the final decision. The ball is in your court now.

What are your views? Who do you think will emerge as the winner of the 90 million grand prize? Share your views by commenting below. Don’t forget to like and share the article to increase our outreach.

Latest Updates on BBNG: Whitemoney Wins

Whitemoney wins Big Brother Niger. He slide in to victory after getting the highest votes from voter. According to statistics, Whitemoney has 47.00%, Liquorose was first runner up with 27.99%, Pere was second runner up with 14.72% . Others include Cross 6.22%,Angel 5.37% and 3.42%.

The winner Whitemoney, will be crown on Wednesday. It was a remarkable win.

What are your views?Share it with us by commenting below. Don’t forget to like and share the article to increase our

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