BBNG Erica Speaks About Trauma and Achievements in 2020

Erica Nlewedim

BBNG Erica Speaks About Trauma and Achievements in 2020. A lot has happened in the life of our beautiful former BBNG contestant since her disqualification. She has achieved a lot in terms of endorsements, building her label and has passed through some traumatic experiences.

I Worked Like a Robot-Erica Nlewedim

According to Erica, over the past one year she has been working, single-minded. In fact Erica described her working schedule like that of a robot. This is because Erica Nweledim was not thinking about how far she has gone. But focused on achieving her goals and objectives.

Furthermore, the social Influencer said she was worried about and working. Not knowing she was trying to overworked herself. The reason for her carefree attitude was because Erica trying to make all the people around her to be proud of her achievements.

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In addition to that, Miss Nweledim said her life has been on the fast forward. And it was alot of burden. Erica affirmed that it was really so much burden which later took its toll on her.

Biography of BBNG Erica Elewedim

Erica Thought Taken A Break From Work Was The Best Decision But Was Mistaken

Miss Nlewedim maintained that she had to take a break to heal and believed it was the best option. Erica Nlewedim continued by saying that the thought of resting was all she needed at that time. Until a loved one off hers asked on what she intend to tell the Erica of September 6 2020.

After deliberations, She thought about what to tell fans and couldn’t breathe. The thoughts of expectations from fans gingered her to do more and to strive harder.

The beautiful social influencer wondered how she avoided thinking about any of the traumatic experiences that had happened to her in the past one year.

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Erica Thoughts About Her Traumatic Experiences of Last Year

Lastly, the actress in  the making uggle think back to those moments of fear and sadness that engulfed her but at the end she did. In addition to that, she spoke to Erica and forgave her for all her mistakes and wrongs. She also applauded her for her hard work.

She then promised to make it and believed Erica would be proud of herself in a few months and she would be surrounded by so much love. To Erica she is healed and has come this far. Erica ended by thanking God, her loved ones, her love ones and Elites. To her words can’t describe much she appreciate them and her management.

Erica Nweledim Achievements

Erica Nlewedim was one of the hopeful housemates in the BBNG 2020 Lockdown edition. She was doing pretty well until she was into altercation with Laycon who later won the contest.

Furthermore, Erica out of alcohol Influence said alot of words which she was not supposed to say. She later realized her mistakes and gave an apology. But it was not enough to keep her because Erica was disqualified by the sponsorers of the reality unscripted show Big Brother Niger. They affirmed that negative energy shouldn’t be encouraged.

The now talk show presenter is a star made. Even with her disqualification, she earned a lot of endorsements and even got money rewards. The money was almost equivalent to the star prize at the BBNG show through a GoFundMe account made in her favour.

Apart from her businesses and endorsements, she now has a talk show were Celebrities are invited and their lifestyles being unveiled.

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