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What Is An IP Address

What IS An IP Address and It’s Function What is an IP address and It’s functions. Many people around the world are wondering what is an IP address? and how it works. They wonder how string of numbers are used to manipulate the internet. Well these has to do with the Computer language. Usually the […]

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What is Plasma therapy and how does it relates to Covid-19

What is Plasma therapy and how does it relate to covid-19. The Covid-19 Pandemic has become one of the greatest health crises of the century. The Pandemic has so far infected more than 3 million people globally infected. The European countries presently accounts for almost 75% of all cases worldwide with USA, Italy,Spain, and France […]

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Actress Hadiza Gabon and Her Journey Into Kannywood

Interest: Kannywood industry The actress Hadiza Gabon’s journey into acting is a very interesting story. The actress is indeed a beauty icon and also a beauty with brains. She has a flawless skin complexion and a calm facial attraction. Hadiza is not only beautiful but possesses a lot of talents. She is the daughter of […]