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Army Rescues 5 Students From The Hands Of Kidnappers

Nigerian Army

Army rescues 5 students from the hands of kidnappers. The troops of division 1 FCC Nigerian Army, rescued 5 of the students who were earlier on Kidnapped.

The students were part of the students of College of Forestry and Mechanization, Afaja, Kaduna State. That were kidnapped on the 11th of March 2021.

The rescued students are Abubakar Yakubu, Francis Paul,Obadiya Habakkuk,Amina Yusuf, and Maryam Danladi.

The rescued students have since been taken to the Army Military medical facility in Kaduna. This was in order to conduct a thorough medical checkup on the students. And also to ascertained their real state of health.

The GOC of Division 1 Major Gen Ali Kefi, has commended the gallant efforts of the troops. The GOC also urged them not to rest in their efforts to secured the lives of Nigerians. See Original Post Below.

Remember, the students of College of Forestry and Mechanization were kidnapped by suspected bandits. The news of the Kidnappings took the center page of news for days. The Kidnappers released a video of the students.

The students were subjected to inhumanly acts by the bandits. They were flogged and threatened with gums.

In the video, the students were made to beg the government to come to their rescue. A ransom was announced by the Kidnappers, as a means of rescuing the students. Whether the ransom was paid or not, the military was able to rescue some of the students.

A considerable number of students still remained in the captivity of the Bandits. It’s worth commending that some were safely rescued from the hands of the Kidnappers. We are hoping that the military continues with the same tempo, in order to protect Nigerians.

Banditry, Kidnappings and Terrorism has become a source of worry to many Nigerians. People now travel with one eyes opened, expecting the unexpected to happen.

The Nigerian government has been employing all available options, to keep the situation under control. We are hoping that more successes would be recorded in the fight against insecurity. But most importantly, they have to be proactive and rescue more. This is because 34 more students are still in captivity.

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In the same vein, one of the abducted students had opened up about their abduction. He lamented that the Kidnappers don’t have the fear of God. Francis Paul explained how his experience in the Kidnappers den.

In his words, “After they asked us to lie down on the ground, they took us through where they broke the fence with digger outside the school”.

“It was when they took us through the fence out of the hostel that we saw many of them outside with bikes. It was from there that they took us from one place to another.”

Speaking on the viral video released by the bandits shortly after their abduction, Paul said: “The video was really true. They were flogging us just because they wanted us to talk about the money they want from the government.

“They said if they see that they are flogging us the government will be serious to send the money to then. No one was raped.”

Still on Banditry, some bandits were apprehended. This was the weapons recovered from them.

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