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Ambassador Rashida Mai Saa Answers 12 Questions About Her Lifestyle

Rashida Mai Saa

Ambassador Rashida Mai Saa answers 13 questions about herself lifestyle. The Kannywood actress is one of the pioneers of the Kannywood industry. She started acting alongside, Ali Nuhu,Fati Muhammed, late Ahmad Nuhu, Jamila Nagudu. Before she decided to venture into politics.

Rashida Mai Saa said she was motivated to ventured into politics in order to contribute her own quota for her people. According to Sadiya Mai Saa, politics is best medium to improve the lives of the ordinary Nigerians.

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Acting Career

Rashida Mai Saa started her acting in the 1990s. She became popular after she was starred in the film Saa. The film became her turning point and her rise to stardom. Since then Rashida Mai Saa became popular and also lucky as the name goes she became an icon. Saa is a Hausa name that signifises “Goodluck”.

Follow us as we bring to you her very entertaining and revealing interview.

1. What is your full name?

Rashida Mai Saa:

My name is ambassador Rashida Adamu Abdullahi Mai Saa. I am a politician and a frontline trustee of the Arewa film makers association of Nigeria. I am also a business woman.

2. Have you ever caught anyone gossipping about you?

Rashida Mai: Yes indeed. It was a fellow actress. I was very annoyed by her actions that I loosed control and fought her back. I was very violent with her. But I regretted my actions. I was being childish.

3. Please can you tell us the name of the actress?

Rashida Mai Saa. I don’t want to bring back the sleeping dog that was laying. But she definitely knows herself. And might even be listening to us now.

4. Have someone ever said a lie or spread a rumour about you?

Rashida Mai Saa: Yes I can vividly remember the incident. It was about a fake death message of myself. What really happened was that, we went for a Glo promotion campaign. My humble self, Ahmad S Nuhu, Fati Bororoji, Jamila Nagudu and some actors.

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The promotion campaign took place in Sokoto State. After a successful completion of the campaign, they all came back to Kano State. I stayed over to see the then governor of the state.

What happened was that we were all scheduled to go to Maiduguri for a sallah show. Myself and Fati Muhammed decided to stay back. Due to out commitments. We were not able to attend the show. Ahmad S Nuhu left with some actors. He had an accident and died afterwards.

Many people that saw me with him concluded I left for Maiduguri with him. Before I knew it. News was all over the place, that I died alongside Ahmad S Nuhu.

When my mother heard about it, she cried so hard and bitterly. I find it hard to forget the incident. I do remember it from time to time. It was a rumour I won’t forget.

5. How many minutes does it takes you to do your makeup?

Rashida Mai Saa:

I actually don’t like makeup. I don’t spend time trying to makeup

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6. What is your best type of food?

My best type of food is Yam with sourced meat. But chicken not beef.

7. Which country would you like to visit in the future?

Rashida Mai: I have visited all the countries I ever wished to visit. But the only one remaining is to see myself in paradise.

8. Which questions are you frequently being confronted by fans?

Rashida Mai Saa:

Fans mostly confront me to know the reason behind me leaving acting for politics. They always say they missed me on stage. But I can’t go back to acting. But I will surely devise a means of making short funny videos for my fans.

9. Why did you become a politician?

Rashida Mai Saa

I became a politician to contribute my own quota for human development. Politics is the only medium, that you can table and solve your community issues. It also a means that a person can possible access funds to better the lives of the less prievileige.

10. Who is your best friend in Kannywood?

Rashida Mai:

I don’t have

11. What type of advice do fans tell you?

Rashida Mai Saa!

Fans mostly advice to get married. And i usually tell them I am waiting for God’s time. Remember, I was once married and blessed with a handsome some. I am praying so hard too so that God will actulise my dream.

12. Why are people saying you are being hypocritic about your visitations to Dubai?

Rashida Mai Saa:

I am not being hypocritic about my visits to Dubai. Most of the people accusing of being hypocritic are very young people. They misunderstood me.

The reasons why people thinking iwas being hypocritic, was because I compared going to Dubai for shopping with visiting a market in my native State.

To me going to Rimi market is much easier than going to Dubai for shopping. This is because the ticket to Dubai can be sourced online. But Rimi market is much harder due to the crowd in the market.

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