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Ali Nuhu Saves Ummi Rahab as Adam A Zango Reveals Relationship

Ali Nuhu Saves Ummi Rahab as Adam A Zango Reveals Relationship. Ali Nuhu has come out to save Ummi Rahab through casting her . The vibrant actor as come out to debunked rumours about his relationship with Ummi.

Ali Nuhu Comes To The Aid Of Ummi Rahab

Ali Nuhu has come to the aid of Ummi Rahab. After the fall out between the actress and her God father Adam A Zango. Ali Nuhu decided to be the saviour to Ummi Rahab. He took her in into his company and casted her in his own series sitcom called “Wuf”.

Remember, a video has surfaced online claiming that Ummi Rahab will exposed the true lifestyle of Adam A Zango. And what he is trying to forced his way towards her. In fact, the video alleged that Ummi Rahab will speak out all the secret of Adam A Zango.

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As if the video has a bit of truth, Adam a Zango did the unlikely. Suddenly, Ummi Rahab was removed from the cast of “Farin Wata Sha Kallo”. The film is a series sitcom being aired on Adam A Zango’s YouTube channel.

Furthermore, Farin Wata Sha Kallo is a film that discusses about love affair between two love birds. In which Adam A Zango was part of the cast and Ummi Rahab was the female star. He starred as the lover to Adam A Zango. The film also discusses about the societal ills like drug addition and abuse.

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Ali Nuhu Saves Ummi Rahab as Adam A Zango Reveals Relationship

Adam A Zango Being Criticised For Acting Alongside With Ummi Rahab as Lovers

When Adam A Zango first casted Ummi Rahab as his girlfriend and lover in Farin Wata, many fans didn’t welcome the Idea. They felt Ummi Rahab was just a baby. Due to the huge age difference that existed between the two.

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In addition to that, another borne of contention was because when Ummi Rahab was still a baby, Adam A Zango acted as a father to her. Most fans agreed that since he used to be a like a guardian and a father figure to her a decade ago, he shouldn’t act as her lover. They presumed that Adam A Zango should have assumed a different character of a father, uncle or brother.

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There was a huge uproar from the public, after Adam A Zango’s Pictures with Ummi Rahab surfaced online love up. In the pictures, they acted as Lovers and it drew a lot of negative comments towards Adam A Zango.

Even Islamic schoolars frowned against Adam A Zango acting as a lover to Ummi Rahab in the film Farin Wata Sha kallo.

Adam A Zango Reveals His Relationship With Ummi Rahab

Adam A Zango With Ummi Rahab

Adam A Zango has come out to debunked claims that he was having an affair with Ummi Rahab. He explains that the relationship between himself and Ummi Rahab was that of a father and daughter.

The actor continued by saying that when he first went to Ummi, he seek for permission from Ummi Rahab’s parent to use her as a child actress,he acted as a father figure to her. And still regards her even after they acted as lovers in Farin Wata.

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Adam A Zango further stated that just because he acted as her her lover in Farin Wata that doesn’t make him her lover. Infact he explaines that he can act as a guarantor to seek for Ummi Rahab’s hand in marriage.

Why I removed Ummi Rahab From The Cast of Farin Wata

Adam A Zango had claimed that Ummi Rahab has turned into a disobedient child towards him. She doesn’t follow his instructions. Whenever he showed Ummi Rahab the right path, she follows the contrary.

The vibrant actor added by saying that since Ummi Rahab cannot follow his instructions, he had to removed her and replaced her with Diamond Zara.

Removal of Of Ummi Rahab From Farin Wata Can Destroy Her Career

The removal of Ummi Rahab from the cast of Farin Wata can destroys Ummi Rahab’s career. Since she is an up coming actress who still publicity. Ummi Rahab is just 18 years old and going through such crises can be intimidating to her career

Ummi Rahab Gives Account of Why Adam A Zango removed Her From The Cast of Farin Wata

Ummi Rahab

Ummi Rahab has given her reasons of being removed from the cast of Farin Wata. This she stated in an interview she had with daily trust Newspapers. In the interview, Ummi Rahab explains that Adam A Zango wants to dictate her life.

According to her, he doesn’t want her to associate with anyone, talk less of having a boyfriend. This was because he was in love with her and felt hurt.

Ummi Rahab added by saying that when she tried to have a male friend as a teenager, he became jealous and furious. Adam A Zango tried to stopped her. But she declined. Ummi Rahab stated that her actions was what led to the reason why she was removed from Farin Wata Sha Kallo

Umm Rahab Still Regard Adam A Zango As A Father Figure

Ummi Rahab said she still regard Adam A Zango as a father figure even though she removed her from his cast. She also stated that she was also gratefull for all the effort Adam A Zango did to her life and acting career. But can never marry him as a man.

Adam A Zango Has History of Marrying and Befriending His Female Cast

Adam A Zango has a history of marrying or befriending his female cast. This can be attributed to his relationship with Maryam AB Yola. She acted with him in the film Nas and he subsequently married and later divorced her.

Nafisat Abdullahi and Amina Amal are said to be his lovers. But they later fall out. He is also a man that loves and divorcing women.

Lessons To Learn From Adam A Zango and Ummi Rahab’s Conflict

1. Love isn’t by force

2. Don’t use your position and money to intimidate or force a woman to love you. Allow her to develop the love naturally. Love isn’t by force.

2. It’s not a crime to fall in love with a teenager when you are twice or thrice her age. But it is preferable that we marry and love those those that doesn’t have much age differences. This is because they are unmatured. And we also have to allow them grow in love and maturity towards us.

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