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9 Reasons Why You Will Never Find Love Again

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9 Reasons why you will never find love again. Love is one of the most sweetest feelings one can experience. To be in love, is to have deep affection for someone. Love can make us do crazy things like totally submitting to the person. But many people find it hard to find love after they lost it. Why is that so? Details below.

No Love Is Perfect

There isn’t anything like the perfect love. If you want to find love, you must be ready to also give out love. Furthermore, you must understand what you want and work towards achieving it. When you are sad and dejected, it reflects on your aura. People see you the way you define yourself.

Why is that difficult to just find your love?. Since love is devine and from God. Follow us as we unveiled the 9 Reasons why it becomes difficult to find love again.

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9 Reasons Why You Will Never Find Love Again

1. Past

Many people still clinched to their past love affairs. When a man or woman is being jilted by her former lover, she feels downcast and dejected. A dejected lover finds it hard to search for another love because they are still surrounded by their past. No matter how many good people they come across, they still hold back to the past experiences.

Furthermore, love cannot be found, if our past is still hunting us. Why laments on the previous relationships that hurt you?one thing we should know is that if someone say to you that you are not good enough, they meant it. If they ever come back is to have a piece of the relationship and still leave. Anyone that finds you not worthy will always think that way. No one will reject something that is precious.

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2. Luck

Luck is something we cannot explain. Sometimes relationship isn’t just about being good, decent and religious but also about luck. As most religions have clearly stated that a woman was created out of the rib of a man. So if you are meant for each other, you will find yourselves. Don’t stress your live. Just live your best and have a positive mindset. When it is time for you to meet she or her, they will find you.

In addition to that, you don’t have to be perfect. It is not about how beautiful or handsome you are. But about that natural force that draws them towards you. So one of the reasons why people don’t find love, is due to their association. If he or she is not your luck, they won’t find you worthy of their love. If your partners or lovers don’t accept you, just move forward and search elsewhere.

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3. Still in Love With Your Ex Lovers

It is hard to forget the person you truly fell love with. It is really hard. That’s why many men and women spend donkey years praying and hoping that their past lovers come back to them.

Furthermore, some people become addicted to their past. imagine, they pray and hope they their past lovers come back to them. In fact, they can even beg for their lovers to come back. This is ridiculous. Why should we beg for love?

No matter how ugly you might thing you are, someone will aprreciate you. An adage says one man’s meat is another man’s poison. So if he detest you because you are his poison, someone might want you as their meat. Moreover, there are too many people in this world looking for love, search for yours.

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4. Battered

Battered people are psychologically down. Their sense of reasoning has been tempered. They don’t have faith in theirselves or in abilities. The battered person believes he is no good to anyone.

However that is not life. Life brings so many opportunities. If someone decided to leave you, set your soul free. Leave them. If you believe you are not at fault, someone out there will see you and aprreciate you. Free your mind and soul from the tentacles of your past affairs and move on. Who knows whether you Mr or Mrs right is just by the corner waiting for you.

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5. Inferiority Complex and Insecurity

Inferiority complex and Insecurity are two things that makes it hard to find a good lovers. Your thoughts are filled with I can get, it is not possible, I am not good enough. No that is not how to think.

Don’t evolve your mind towards negativity. But in possibilities. Remove your past experiences, your losses and built your minds towards positive thinking. Before you know it your confidence is back. And you become assured that someone will want you to be his precious gem.

7. Fear

Fear is one thing that stops you from experiencing true love. Fear of dejection, fear of the unknown, fear due to insecurity. It can be any fear. A past experience, a broken home. Fear can also result from domestic violence or failure. As long as you have fear in you, you tend to be reserved. You also draws backwards on good relationships that comes your way.

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8. Bad Choices

Many people have bad choices of love partners. When you see an aspiring person that can offer you true love but you refused it. Simply because they are not rich, perfect, handsome or having a good job.

Whenever you meet a man, it’s not a crime to look our for some qualities that you desired. But not 100% perfect. For example, when a man is graduate or having a new business, he has prospect that he can offer you more in the future. Likewise, in the case of a woman.

If a woman is decent, loving and caring, she has prospects that she will love and adore her man, go for her. Don’t wait to get the perfect woman. This particular woman will give you a loving life in the future.

9. Environmental Factors

Environment can affect your chances of finding true love. This is because you have had many bad choices and experiences. Changing your environment is a very important factor when finding true love. Change your environment, and job and explore the opportunities that the place offers.

Note that you are now wiser to make the right choices in life. You are also more experience to deal with breakups. Try new relationship and settle for the ones that suit your personality.

Lastly, finding true love might be difficult. But being truthful and taking the opportunities that comes our way would surely help us in finding true love.

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