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8 Ways To Make a Woman Happy

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8 Way to make a woman happy. Happiness can be defined to be an emotional state. It is characterized by feelings of joy, satisfaction, contentment, and fulfillment. Happiness is also the balance of emotions. We all want to be happy. Checkout 8 ways that you can make a woman happy.

In our life undertakings, we must have experienced a positive and negative emotions, feelings, and moods. Happiness is generally linked to experiencing more positive feelings than negative one.

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8 Ways To Make A Woman Happy

There are different ways of making a woman happy. We selected 7 unique and basic ways that will bring happiness in any woman.

1. Be Open and Express Your Love To Her Frequently

When you love a woman be sincere,open and express your love towards her. Every woman needs assurance that she is loved. So when you frequently tell her and expressyour love, the woman feels happy and honoured. It makes the woman also to think of various ways to also love, cherish and honour your love towards her.

Furthermore, as women love men that expresses their love towards them they and dislike the men that keep quiet. Women don’t like it when the man keeps quiet and expect the her to do the talking and love manuevering.

2. Be Interactive With The Woman

Always try to form a conversation with a woman. Interaction is one of the best ways to make a woman happy. Most women love a man that is Interactive. But make sure that your saying a positive positive and intelligent conversation. Subsequently, women dislike dull men who just keep quiet and allowed them to do the talking. They want to know you,what you do and how you can better their lives in the long time run.

In addition to that, If you want to make a woman happy, then you would have to be a down to earth man. Make sure you also engaged her in a truthful a conversation, not fabricating lies. But one that will better your lives. Woman tend to be good listeners. Speaking with her will make her to also feel a sense of belonging towards you.

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How To Start a Conversation With A Woman

A man can start with a beautiful story of his childhood. For instance, a story of how his teacher made him to work harder. It can also be adventurous stories about the sports he likes and adores.

In addition to that, the man can also speak to his woman about all the beautiful holidays,places and countries he had visited. Engaged the women so that she opens up. That way the woman will speak out of her own life experiences.

Interactiveness makes a relationship to be more interesting and worth the pain. A woman will surely if she has confidence in her man.

Pictures courtesy Istock

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3. Buy Her Gifts

Women are like children. They like gifts. This is because gifts makes a woman to have an emotional feeling of love and also happiness. The gift doesn’t has to be expensive but just unique. Try to understand what your woman likes and buy her simple gifts that can trigger the happiness in her.

Firstly, women are different. So study her and known what type of gifts she adores. If you engaged her in Meaning conversation, you would be able to capture what she truly desires. Gifts are memorable. If you desire to make your woman happy, buy her gifts from time to time.

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4. Visit Recreational Places

There are many recreational places, that offers entertainment. Examples of such places are movies ,circus, amusement parks, Museums e.t.c.

In addition to that, Women love men who like to visit recreational places. But before you do that ask her about her interest. Meaning the recreational places she loves and hopes to visit. When a woman has the opportunity to relax and remove stress, she becomes happy.

Know Your Woman Recreational Interest

By knowing her recreational interests, you can used it to entertain her and make her. Some women love films while others don’t. If she is the type that loves films, then take her to movies of her choices.

Furthermore, Movies makes a relationship to be romantic. This is because sometimes when she sees a particular scene that moves her, she might decide to cuddle or hug you. She can even hold you tight. Romantic scenes can earn you a kiss. Watching movies make a woman to be entertained.

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Why Most Women Like Visiting Parks

Most women like visiting the amusement parks. The woman that love such places, wants to built her relationship. She really wants to work on her relationship.

Whenever you visit an amusement park, there are a lot of activities to be carried out. Follow her and do it together, it makes her to fall more in love with you. It also makes her to be entertained and happy.

So whatever forms of recreational places the woman wants, make sure that you allow her to have a choice. Sometimes she might also like to know your own choices and go with you.

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5. Tell Her Stories

Telling a woman a story is roamntic. It makes her happy and to also have a sense of belonging. The woman is a good listener and wants to see her man tells her stories. Most especially, romantic ones that can stir up the love part of her. If you are the type that doesn’t know much about stories, tell her the stories your read from books.

Why you Should Tell a Woman Stories

Furthermore, story telling is romantic. You can choose sweet adventurous or romantic stories. Sometimes but story books for her and read it to her. Such moments are romantic and makes the woman to feel happy and loved.

6. Crack Jokes With Her

No woman wants a man that is always unhappy and dull. Every woman wants a lively man. Women like men that crack constructive jokes and educative jokes. Tell your woman intelligent jokes that will make her happy. So that she also laughed it off.

Cracking Jokes Makes a Woman To be Relaxed and Happy

Cracking jokes makes a woman to be relaxed. It helps also her to remove all the negative energy as she laugh it off. If you don’t know how to crack Jokes then it’s better you visit comedy shows.

In order to make her happy, visit comedy spots that sends positive messages. Comedy helps in making people to be entertained and happy.

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7. Engage A Woman In Indoor Activities

There are many indoor activities like games. Sometimes you can play her own type of games. While playing, you can just allow her win. It does not mean you are vunearable. But because you want her to feel worthy. But it’s Showing that she can also be productive. And can also do something for herself.

If she is the type that loves indoor games like table tennis, take her to such places. There are two advantages of indoor games. The woman would be able exercise and get entertained. Firstly, because she engaged herself in a form activity. Secondly, the woman was also entertained and will feel happy.

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8. Take Her On A Walk

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Walking is a form of exercise. But doing it with a loved one is very romantic and entertaining. Don’t force her . Make sure you don’t start with a very stressful walk like long distances. Start with a short walk. Hold her hands or hug her while you walk.

Engaged her by telling a beautiful fairy story. It brings all her attention towards you. Take the walk slowly. Make sure that you stop to rest if she says she was getting tired.

While You Take a Walk With a Woman, Do This

You can continue the walk gradually. Don’t forget to stop by a shop to buy her coffee or favorite ice creams. Taking a walk is a form of entertainment for women. Most women are romantic and they like doing things that can foster and built up there relationships.

What are your thoughts about the ways of entertaining a woman?Share it with us.


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