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8 Benefits of Guava Leaves Tea you need to know

Guava leaves is the leave that has a lot numerous benefits to the life of a person. Its found in nature garden, yet it has a lot of importance.

Guava leaves contains a high level of Vitamin C and a decoction of the Guava Leaves is helpful in relieving common cold and cough. It help to get rid of mucus. It can also disinfect the throat,lungs and respiratory system.

Guava leaves are easy to get. The Guava tree is easy to plant. Seedlings are available in most part of the world. Let’s look at 8 unique benefits of guava leaves.

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1.For Common Cough and Disinfecting Respiratory Organs

2. It Helps In Soothing Gastrointestinal Issues

Guava Leaves are useful in treating gastrointestinal issues. This is because they can irritate the digestive system. It also prevent further microbial growth in the intestines, due to it’s antibacterial properties.

3.Guava Leaves have Anti Inflammatory Properties

Guava Leaves are inflammatory in nature. This helps in maintaining good and oral health, says nutritionist Anshil Jaibharat of India in New Delhi.

Guava Leaves tea works as a fantastic home remedies for toothache, swollen gums, and oral ulcers.

Due to the powerful antibacterial agents. Simply, it can be made by crushing or grinding the leaves. It is then applied to the affected areas in the gums and teeth. It cures dental issues.

8 Benefits of Guava Leaves Tea you need to know

4. To sooth the brain and makes you sleep

Are you having sleepless nights or unable to get quality sleep?then Guava leaves Tea is your recommendations.

Grind some guava leave and boil it on low heat. Take it as a form of tea. It would help in making you get sufficient quality sleep days Dr Ashutosh Gautam of Clinical Operations.

4. It Helps In Improving The Skin Texture

Do you want a luxuriant skin complexion?, then Guava Leaves is your take on. The Leaves have high astringent properties that when a decoction of the leaves is applied on the skin,it helps to tone the skin and tightened facial muscle.

5.Hair loss And Hair related cases

Many women want to have a very beautiful luxuriant hair. The Guava Leaves can help you achieved your dreams. It can also prevent hair loss.

The guava leaves can be applied by crushing it and boiling it using low heat. Its allowed to cool and applied to the scalp through massaging. This can cure hair related issues and also hair loss.

6. It Helps To Reduce Acne

Are you feeling insecure and frustrated over skin or facial acne?then guava leaves us the magic. In order to get rid of acne, apply guava leaves that have been crushed to areas infected by the acne. The percentage of vitamins would assist in curing the acne.


Cancer one disease that can kill if not detected on time. The guava leaves can be used to prevent cancer cell from multiplying. The guava leaves can fight breast, prostrate, and oral cancer. Due to the high content of antioxidants as lycopene.

Studies conducted by many professionals botany have revealed that Lycopene plays a significant role in lowering the risk of cancer.

Weight Loss

Many people have insecurities due to their weight gain. Guava leaves can be used to shed extra inches around your belly? The guava leaves can help you achieve your aim through the reduction of complex carbs from turning into sugar there promoting weigh loss.

Hope you have achieved two more significances of guava leaves among numerous ones we gave.

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Author: Nana F Yusuf

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