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7 Reasons Why Women Cheat on Their Partners

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7 Reasons Why Women Cheat on Their Partners. Having a promiscuous woman is heart breaking. This is because most men strive hard to provide for their partners daily needs. And when a woman decide to go the extra mile to cheat on her partner, the man becomes heart broken. Checkout these 7 unique reasons why women cheat on their partners.

Cheating means when partners is sexually unfaithful to each other. It can bring trust issues and bring the relationship down the drain. Cheating is emotionally disturbing. Since love involves deep feelings. Let’s look at some reasons why women might decide to be unfaithful to their partners.

1. The Partner is Self Centered

When a husband or partner is self centered, they tend to drive their partners away. A man is supposed to be the Head of the family. He is considered the bread winner of the home and the one coordinate the home. The man is also expected to bring the check home even if the woman is working.

Furthermore, The partner or head of the family should make his family first. But when the partner choose to be partisan, the women seek for comfort in the hands of another man who can reassured her and have faith in her.

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2. Looking for Luxury

Money is good and we all want all the luxury of life can bring. From having the beautiful home, expensive dresses, cars, jelweries, shoes, perfume e.t.c. The rich and affluent people are being respected due their welth. They also have the ability to get what they want.

However, if a woman lacks all the luxury she wants from her man, she seeks it outside. Men for who they are don’t give out their money for free. So the cheating woman must give them what they want in order to get in return the luxury she desires. Luxury is one of the essential factors that instigate women to cheat on their partners.

Contentment should be a basic factor in a relationship. No matter how little we should be grateful. Note that the rich also cry and no wealth is enough to bring happiness and love.

3. Not Satisfied With Their Sexual Life

If a woman is not satisfied with her sexual life, she looks elsewhere outside her relationship or matrimonial home. Many Women don’t want a dull life. Women want to be loved and to also experience new ways to improved their relationship. They want to kissed, hugged and be satisfy to the core during love making.

In addition to that they want their man to explore more avenues to satisfied their emotional needs. So dull sexual life can lead to infidelity and cheating can also occur.

However, if you don’t want your woman not to cheat on you, try to know what she wants, how and when she wants it. This can help to built a strong relationship that is emotionally stable.

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4. No Love

Love should be the main reason for marriage. People marry for many reasons. Some people marry because of love, money, for convenience or because they are getting too old and wants to settle down. In addition to that, others may marry for qualities like handsomeness, beauty or bodily features.

All thesel features tend to fade with time. Only true love can stand the taste of time. So if you marry for your convenience, you might tend to seek for love outside after all these features fades away.

5. Pay Back

When a woman is agrieved by partner’s serial cheatings, they tend to pay him back by also doing the same. Some women cannot confront their men over their cheating habits. Instead, they cheat back to make him experience how they felt and to also comfort them.

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6. The Partner is Lazy and doesn’t wants to have a job

Laziness refers to when a person doesn’t want to work. They want to be feed, cloth and looked after by their women. The men lazy about and stay idle at home. Some of these men just eat, drink and even indulge in video games.

Men who are lazy tend to send their women to seek for support outside. Most of these men won’t give women money for free. They expect something in return. If a man is lazy, don’t keep a woman or marry. This is because you might be sending your woman to seek for assistance outside. And can subject her to cheating.

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Friends and Bad Company

An adage says tell me who your friends are and I will tell you what you are. If we associate with good company, it reflects in your character, association and behaviours. Many women had became serial cheaters in their relationship because their friends introduced them to men.

Promiscuous friends who keep many men or cheat on their partners encourage their friends to do the same. So if you don’t want your woman to cheat on you, encourage her to have good and successful friends. The ones that can contribute to her success not her doom.

There many countless reasons why women cheat. You can join our conversation, by contributing your own quota. What are your views?What made you to cheat on your partners?Share your experiences with us by commenting below. Don’t forget to like and share the article to increase our reach


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